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Truth is we want to recover what we have already lost

No matter how much is the cost.

When minds are set

and we got nothing to bet… 130 more words



They stared on looking past the void at the horizon, all bloody for the death of the sun as the day passed by. The sun peeked into the lives of the morbid, hiding behind th barren peak, taunting and reminding them – “All the light dost flown from thine lives” … 107 more words



Introducing something new, is karmacology for you?
Balance, silence, meditation, balancing cosmic equations,
Universal force of light, karmic darkness, dead of night,
Battles raging out of sight, far too many negative vibes, 152 more words


In the Dark of Light (Poem)

In the Dark of Light

In the light I play,

porous and awash under sun,

where the colours are more

than they are, strewn upon the ground… 143 more words


Empty Void

I resent Darkness;

His coldness enveloping me

Leaving my mind in a cold stupor

His tendrils suffocating my breathing

Smothering, cutting off, blocking the flow of oxygen… 150 more words