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Ursala Heels

Ok so its been a while since I did shoes by themselves but these came out so cool I thought they could stand on their own (pun intended). 20 more words

New Release

"A Walk Off To Now-here"

For all I know being stuck

in reality is being

stuck in the dream,

 waking up in the dream is the reality,

But I’ve caught myself… 57 more words

Q&A: Are Tarot Cards Demonic?

Q: Are Tarot cards demonic?

A: No.

Hell and demons are a religious construct, so religious people might give you a different answer. As I see it, religion and spirituality are totally opposite things (Related: … 772 more words


The Bells

The mute girl sings

“This is the end”

The tears roll down

Her face

Old bell shards ring

Banish and rend

The souls without

A trace.


I hate that I love you so much, Poetry by Zari Riley

Genre: Rhyme, Relationship, Love, Dark

I hate that I love you so much
by Zari Riley

One touch from you, and I was stuck to you like super glue. 375 more words



I just recently watched a video on ten laws in the USA that no one follows, and one of them was jaywalking, which was the only one on the list that I myself do indeed follow. 570 more words


Pat On The Back

Ok so I couldn’t resist this one because its too true, some people do just need a pat on the back. Mesh tanks for men and women in 5 sizes. 9 more words

New Release