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Light Vs Dark - which side is the real you?

I know it can be hard at times, the struggle between the 2 sides – light & dark.

We worry that others won’t accept us, love us or like us as much, if we show them the dark….the sadness….the pain….the hurt – because ain’t we meant to be ‘perfect’? 381 more words

Self Love

Anime Review - "Fate/Zero"

Fate/Zero is regarded by many as a modern classic and, as such, I felt a bit left out by not watching it. I have played the first route of Fate/stay night though. 649 more words


Erotic Short: You Part XII...

To read from the beginning start here.

I might have thought our conversation was finished, but you certainly blathered on. For the next six days the rumblings of your deep voice echoed in our cavernous prison day and night. 387 more words

Dark Romance

Reflect Not

I keep you hidden within these walls
never letting you see me,
never letting you see yourself.

A broken reflection of what could be,
but never is. 130 more words


Number 21

It’s always darkest before the dawn.

Good things will always follow bad things.

Bad things don’t last, you can fight through it.


The Truth Behind the Sun and Sky

A wrinkle in the sky

to shame the heavens

for they’re only a thin sheet

of a silk mirage.

A crack in the sun… 39 more words