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The Backyard

It’s never really cold in Southern California, but in the half hour between two thirty and three o’clock in the morning something happens to the air. 1,467 more words


Bottom Of The Pit

I hold on to the slippery wall
Clinging to it so I do not fall
The voices around ask me to let go
And I am tempted to not say no… 160 more words


Jack Spratt

Jack Spratt could eat no fat

His wife could eat no lean

Consuming stupid school girls

They licked each femur clean

Jack ate all the thin… 56 more words


Trigger Warning

Last year two days before my 24th birthday I woke up and said to myself,

I’m going to commit suicide on Sunday.

To get an idea to my mindset lets go back to about a week before.

848 more words

Shadow Play

I’ve always had a good awareness of my dark side.

At certain times of my life I have romanced it ardently. Delving deep into the depths of sadness and then tripping into Depression with a big D. 520 more words

Kill Your Demon

photographer: Chellise Michael | stylist/hair/makeup: Elias Gurrola | headpiece: Philipp Shchekin | models: Courtney Acomb and Aurelien Nobecourt | featured designers: Jonathan Miranda, Gislane Maldonado… 162 more words


The Sleepwalker

This is a bit different from some of the stories I’ve written lately, darker for one thing, but it’s been rattling around inside my head for some time, so I finally let it out. 1,277 more words