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Music Melody Gif

A gif inspired by this song:

Made in photoshop
total frame count: 77


Silent One

Silent one.The pin drops in silent floors flaunting gory horrors,haunting dreams,and hellish delusions.Creature crawling throughout my soul.Racking lies left me cold.Murdered by the unsounding knowing.Condemning waves roil thy quieting grave in which to hath your sorry flesh returned.Weakness limbers you.Bitten twice.My spell sings so close.Yet your beating,bleeding heart will I render helpless.Hollow fool I have been victorious again.Warned you what warfare would come when you went on betraying me again.She cannot compete with thy cruel vindictive cast come forth to carry you neath these crushing stones.Breaking your will shalt come so easy.The ripping sewn by threads strength allowed.Now it tis you begging here at thy feet but I comfort not this time.I will kill you with the very same sword you wedged in me.Turn from me.The shadows gather.Welcome to your sick world where you are the pathetic pile of shit and I am the witch caressing your wounds.Digging my nails deep enough to scar.Sickness stalking .Creeping ever closer to your functioning.Immobilized you seem by the grating gleem storming my skies.Run but you will fall.They will bury you in the very abyss you pieced together.I will turn a deaf ear to your strangled screams.Your end will be a celebration.Ending my agony all at once.Goodnight my prince.Slumber forever with the maggots you chose.For no man shall mourn you and I certainly will not.



Sob my weekly writing challenge for WOLF PUBLISHING.

 Once again autumn arrives in my garden,

Making the vigorous scenes as dry as dust,

Sitting at this oak bench for your pardon, 40 more words


Snippet Sunday: May 24, 2015

I am still going to continue on with my work from Camp NaNoWriMo, Darkness Becomes Her. A dark fantasy novel in the works yet. 266 more words