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The Best Games I Played in 2014 — Part 1

I’m not one of those people who immediately plays every promising looking game when they come out. Because I’ve been absorbed in The World of Warcraft the last ten years, I’ve skipped so many interesting games that I’ve lost count. 1,121 more words


Them Versus Us

The knots in my stomach,
The lump in my throat,
Their false-promises,
The cruel way they gloat,
So I wonder how can they not feel stress and anxiety? 223 more words



Our feet can take us to different places and show us different paths we can pursue…

It can lead us to someone who can change our lives. 32 more words


Dark in the City

It is dark in the city where the shadows full prowl,
It is dark as the black wings of night,
It is dark in my heart where the threads are full torn, 63 more words



She went through a lot.

Her heart has been broken,

Crushed into pieces

like a piece of paper,

brought through a paper shredder

torn apart again and again. 58 more words


Find shelter in the stars. 

Live in the mountains,

Feel the cold against my skin,

Closer to the stars,

A couple of jumps,

And I’ll be at their rim.

Free Style Poetry