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Here’s a sweet sketch I just found tucked between two books. This was for an informal game called Our Dark Star. The game was set in a dystopian future-earth, centuries after an alien race called THE ENEMY shot some advanced weaponry into the sun effectively shortening the stars lifespan. 193 more words


828. Live/Dead - The Grateful Dead


Brief Background:  Live/Dead was recorded over various concerts at the Filmore West during the beginning of 1969 and was released in November of the same year. 358 more words

Leatrice Gilbert Fountain (1924-2015): Daughter of Hollywood Legends

Leatrice Gilbert Fountain was simply the most fascinating person I have ever met. I wrote her a fan letter years ago after reading her book… 264 more words


Geeks You Should Know: Dan O'Bannon

In general, a person is rarely considered to be influential when they have contributed only a small handful of works to a particular field, especially when those works are not considered to be complete game changers. 428 more words

Geeks You Should Know

Happy Birthday, John Carpenter!

One of America’s greatest living directors and electronic music innovator, John Carpenter has produced images and sounds that are indelibly etched in my brain. Even so, I’ve probably collectively watched the films of John Carpenter more than any other single director. 375 more words


Dark Star, directed by John Carpenter (1974)

Back in the days before video, DVDs and film streaming, we had to rely for our films on whatever would get shown on television, and if you sought something a bit out of the ordinary, you had to look to film clubs, private showings and independent cinema (especially out of London). 308 more words

Happy, Happy 2015!

Ah yes.  It’s that time of year when many of us start to consider what we really want and then set about the tasks required to achieve some meaningful goals.  538 more words