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Audio - Shift

Gotta love Manus’ theme. Not so sure about Manus and his dark magic though. It was still a fun fight though.

It’s also weird how I’m still too exhausted to write about Comic-Con yet not so much as to stop writing. 63 more words


Dark Souls 2 Diaries - Day 09


So here I am, finally in the pit.

The lion cape and Silvercat ring stack, which was good enough to make it down to the top platform,  but that’s only the first step. 8,421 more words

Dark Souls

Tormentum: Dark Sorrow - Review

Eldritch Excellence

Well, it’s safe to say that Polish developers OhNoo Studio certainly know how to subtitle their games. When I first laid eyes upon… 1,933 more words


Dark Souls II - Scholar of the First Sin Live Stream!

Join Hobbs tonight as he ventures to Drangleic in Dark Souls II! Watch as a grown man cries after helplessly punishing himself! Either way you look at it, don’t miss it! 9 more words

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Enjoy The Experience The Way You Want To

Sometimes we can develop preferences for how we experience something, and in turn we may recommend others to do it the same way. For example, when I go to a rock concert I like to go up front because the crowd seems to be more active there (I’m also pretty short and I like to go where I can get the best view.) For a while I personally felt like that was a major part of the experience, moving along with the motion of the crowd and being surrounded by fans of the same music. 710 more words


Bloodborne Review

The beast appears, though you didn’t expect it. You’ve never seen anything like this creature, a giant dog with large horns. The vicar is a microcosm of Bloodborne itself, an evil being that attacks you with vicious horror until you submit to it. 807 more words


It's late and I should be asleep. Well, late by a parent standards.....

And you know what’s keeping me up? fishing fishing fishing. Oh I admit it, I love gaming, but fishing is just something on another level for me. 794 more words