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Dark Souls Story Discovered

Dark Souls, as a series, has one of the most mysterious and debated plotlines in gaming history. Rather than an overtly obvious affair, or a game lacking in any plotline at all, Dark Souls has a definitive narrative, it just doesn’t tell the player what that is. 462 more words


On Death and Dying

Death is an essential part of conflict, and in some way all games rely on conflict to tell a story. As such, it’s no surprise that death is a major component of almost every game – even those without fail states often use death in some way. 722 more words

Dark Souls 2 down


the last couple of weeks is just a big blur of running home from work to play souls, waking up to play souls, playing souls to play souls. 55 more words


Dead Worlds Vs Designed Spaces

How does one imbue a soul, or a sense of place to a virtual space? Is it the same thing that turns an ordinary cardboard box into an impregnable fortress? 1,338 more words

Game Criticism

My Week in Games [4/16/2015 – 4/22/2015] Endless Legend, Dungeon of the Endless, Dark Souls, Wrestling MPire, RefleX and more

This week was interesting, I had a chance to abuse Steam’s free weekend and grind through two endless games. That’s the joke they’re named endless and they’re indeed endless to a degree. 1,881 more words

Video Games

Now Playing: Dark Souls - Prepare to Die Edition

I must admit I’ve never really been very interested in the Souls games, I’m not a particularly patient person and I play most games on the standard difficulty setting. 968 more words


What it is like being branded by the darksign for the first time

What i will do:
Play Dark Souls, a game by From Software, revered as one of the most challenging games in modern time, but also a game with a high amount of small detail and lore, which is not clearly presented to the player, alas, the player will have to pay attention in order to achieve the full experience, which is said to be truly astonishing. 201 more words