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Episode 16: Building a New Episode...

The download numbers continue to rise to the point it makes me almost batty with so much silence in response… Then among various people on social networks there is this idea that I have become many fans baby-sitter. 1,090 more words

Dark Shadows (Issue #8)

Dark Shadows, Issue #8
The Vampire Trap
Gold Key Comics | February 1971

Barnabas Collins’ inexplicably on-again-off-again curse is back “ON” at the start of issue eight, … 230 more words


Moving to the Algorithm


pt_1 ->{

We can’t see it, but the spectral presence of code is all around us. Code determines our future, based upon our past. 1,057 more words

Dark Shadows


Tim Burton‘s version of a television show before, Dark Shadows tells the story  about a vampire imprisoned in a coffin and released after 200 years. The main character stars Johnny Deep which is perfect for the role cause of his craziness attitude in attacking the movie’s character. 48 more words


Bali: We Now Devote Ourselves to the God of (US) Dollar


KEYWORDS/NOTES: Primitive Accumulation, Summoning, Commons, Opacity, Accumulation by Dispossession, Structure of Feeling

My understanding of Primitive Accumulation is how people or humans serve money as the divine: money is the almighty. 1,682 more words

Dark Shadows

Out Early, Lunch with Friends, Movies

We were up and out early – I had my appointment in New Jersey and Rachel hung out with a friend while I was out.  When I got back we all went out to lunch at the Chinese buffet which was a nice way to spend the afternoon, always good conversation with good friends. 104 more words


Audio Drama Review: Dark Shadows - The Curse of Shurafa

“Barnabas Collins – babysitter.”

Barnabas Collins (Andrew Collins) is left to watch over Harry Cunningham (Scott Haran) one evening. Conversation quickly turns to the relating of old tales. 283 more words

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