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Now Working On Episode 15: A Blundering Succubus

How odd. Almost a disappointment to find all my cavities are filled and I won’t get to see my awesome dentist in 6 months. Hmm, well, I do notice a strange gap above one tooth. 851 more words

Episode One: Parapsychology (How to review The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows)

Good Lord, I am now creating comprehension questions for my series. It’s like I’m an underpaid teacher all over again. Well considering I’ve paid through the nose to create this bloody thing, the least I can get is commentary to the episodes in order to keep going, otherwise we’re going Grassroots with the series and I will send the new episodes to the people who have commented the most. 648 more words

It is still dark out there

The dark cloud overhead shuts out the sunlight

The showers come intermittently sprinkling the windshield.

My mind is anxious, anxious to do something to make the pain go away. 284 more words

Life Stories

FNFC The 10th: The Grand Budapest Hotel and Dark Shadows, 20-03-2015

I HAVE AN ILL. UGH. This means that I actually only watched half of a film last night, because I fell asleep (almost becoming a theme). 1,478 more words


Hip-hop souljah POLITICALLY OPPRESSED is a Gifted poet, courier of consciousness and well-known devil slayer. “Devils All Around Me” is really the masterpiece of P.O.’s masterpiece — if you have to pick just one. 122 more words


The Love of Dr. Julia Hoffman

Yep, don’t hear too much about this. It looks like even The Riddler can keep these goodies from us. But be it a riddle or no, it is true. 1,148 more words

San Diego


Outside forces have convinced me to write down exactly what happened when I was arrested in San Diego. 4,594 more words