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Quantum Vacuum Entanglement

Our weather is triggered by vacuum upsets, not hot and cold upsets, that is secondary. BIG DIFFERENCE.  Spacetime around us has an extra dimension of stringy curled up space to play with. 7 more words


Overview of Science Activities at Homestake

A conference proceeding giving an overview of current and some future science activities at the Sanford Underground Research Facility (SURF) in the Homestake Mine in South Dakota appeared today on the arXiv.. 107 more words


March 4, 2015: Introducing Director Ron Murphy! Jay and I duke it out!

The Murph (aka Director Ron Murphy, aka Ronald Murphawski, aka Ronaldine Murphkowtiz-Kardashian III, aka The Earl of Leftwich) is off to a strong start.  Day #1 of episode #106 is in the books and already I’m hearing words like “great”, “dynamic” and “callypigian”!   295 more words

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Watch GZA, Tom Morello And Crazy Legs Tear It Up Performing 'The Mexican' On 'Fallon'

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Words By Emanuel Vinson

GZA recently released an exhilarating update of the Babe Ruth rock classic “The Mexican.” So, last night, the Wu rapper gave it life on the… 135 more words


Dark Matter update

A Consulting Producer’s job on Dark Matter is never dull.

@imwebgurl no atv but I hiked up a hill that almost killed me.

— Ivon Bartok (@Ivonbartok) March 4, 2015

Ivon Bartok

March 3, 2015: Things are about to get crazy. Er.

I was up into the wee hours of this morning, watching and preparing notes for the director’s cut of episode #104 – and writing a scene for this week’s schedule.   259 more words

March 2, 2015: Lee Rose! Caitlin's new do! The #104 director's cut! And socks!

Director Lee Rose calling the shots on the ISS Far Horizon.

Hey, with all this talk about socks of late, I’ve really been remiss in not displaying actress Jodelle Ferland’s unique sock sense – on display at last night’s Walking Dead soiree: 106 more words

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