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7 Ways to See: Trump #14

This is part of an ongoing series called ‘7 Ways to See.’ I’ll be profiling each of the cards in a traditional tarot deck, and offering up at least seven distinct ways to interpret that card. 648 more words

BirdQueen Tarot

Featured Poet: Camelia Elias

Editor’s note: this year, I am featuring a different poet from the anthology each month. For March, Camelia Elias offers some intriguing answers to my questions about Tarot, magic, poetry, and the academy.  3,780 more words


Daily Draw: XIX The Sun (Sekhmet)

Today’s card is from the Dark Goddess Tarot. It is The Sun, represented by the ferocious Egyptian lion goddess Sekhmet. The rune drawn (not pictured) is Ansuz reversed, and the charms are The Bullet Shell, The Handcuffs, The Horseshoe, and The Crossroads. 83 more words


Daily Draw: 6 of Earth (Tsonokwa)

Good morning, my dears! Today’s draw is the 6 of Earth, Tsonokwa, the goddess of the American Pacific Northwest who is associated with wealth. The rune draw for today is Berkana, and the charms are The Horseshoe and The Ship. 126 more words


Daily Charmcast: 8 of Water, Sedna

Today’s card of the day is very moving for me. 8 of Water, Sedna. Everything is shifting, and everything is coming up from the depths. By her mercy, though, my ancestors (The Skull and the Red Die at 3) and my magic (The Magic Wand) are nearby, there are entertainments and things to lighten the spirit also (the Wine Bottle), and even though The Ship is sinking and The House is rocked off it’s foundations, The Life Preserver is given to me to hang onto. 30 more words


Daily Tarot Charmcast: 5 of Air (Harionago) and XVII Stars (Spider Woman)

Today’s Tarot Charmcast is a double: the mischief-maker Harionago (5 of Air in Ellen Lorenzi-Prince’s “Dark Goddess Tarot”) and Spider Woman (XVII Stars in the same deck) with charms by Carrie Paris. 143 more words


Daily Charmcast: 3 of Air (Blue Dakini)

This is the first time I’ve drawn the 3 of Air (Blue Dakini) from this deck, and seeing Her was a shock. That’s the point, though. 73 more words