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What Everly Does In The Shadows

Everly is Salma Hayek playing Survival of the fittest/Die Hard in an apartment. It’s something brisk, exploitative and out there…at one point there are enforcers called Sadist and Masochist with a group of Japanese ghost dressed people. 261 more words


New side project: Killer Comedies!


Sometimes we laugh at things we know we probably shouldn’t. But hey whatever, that’s human nature right? This new blog of mine is dedicated to what many consider a very controversial sub-genre of film—the dark comedy. 85 more words


Student Final Project - Narrative Short Film "One of Those Days"

What if one of the best days that you have ever had, ends up not quite being what you had expected?

Film School

"LFO: The Movie" (2013): Dark Science Fiction Dramedy from Sweden

A cuckolded husband, a sound engineer by avocation, discovers a combination of sound frequencies (involving LFO, or Low Frequency Oscillation) that enables him to control others. 540 more words


Movie Review: Wild Tales (2014)

Of all the injustices at this years Academy Awards, the biggest was Wild Tales losing out on Best Foreign Language Film to Ida, which admittedly I have not seen so it’s unfair to make such a bold statement, but I doubt it was better than… 1,276 more words


Jeremy Thomas, Writer/Director: ALLY WAS SCREAMING

1Q: Tell us a little about the origins of ALLY WAS SCREAMING, from concept to financing.

Originally, I amused myself with the thought, what kind of circumstance would get my close friends and I to discuss taking part in a murder (and its morality) and how far could we take it. 772 more words