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It Takes Two


My Parents’ House

I applied for several more places on different journalism courses across the country. I really think this is right for for me. 500 more words


First Impressions of Sci-Fi Podcast "SAYER"

Last week I listened to the first four episodes of the podcast fiction series “SAYER.” I’m not usually one for podcasts, but I’m always up for some creative fiction, and SAYER is my favorite kind: science fiction. 790 more words

Science Fiction

Y’Sil’s Unlikely ‘Boat’ [Writing Warm-Up #4]

Y’Sil’s Unlikely ‘Boat’
By T.A. Saunders

Doctor Chaise Michaels wondered if she had truly made a mistake. Born of desperation to find a weak, depraved soul, that could be whisked away without much worry from significant others, parents or guardians proved more difficult than she had anticipated. 895 more words


Story Of My Life


My Parent’s House

Some people suggest that writing down your thoughts can really help — especially in cases of mental health such as depression and anxiety. 463 more words


Cynicism and The Atheist Squirrel

  If you would have asked me a few years ago whether I was a cynic or an optimist, I would have told you I was the latter. 694 more words


The Voices.

This dark comedy movie starring Ryan Reynolds sounds pretty creepy when you first hear about the premise. I admit I was a bit disturbed while watching but the interesting part is it was made in such a manner that you would feel sympathy/empathy towards the character of Jerry, despite him being a murderer. 302 more words


John's Horror Corner: The Voices (2014), a gory dark comedy with Ryan Reynolds as a likable schizophrenic whose cat urges him to kill people.

MY CALL:  Definitely not for everyone.  This film is sweet and funny, but it has its Texas Chainsaw moments, too.  It’s a cute little murderous movie. 650 more words

John Leavengood