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Overcoming a Culture of Mutual Empathy and Inaction: a Proposal

Most people, I’m assuming, are capable of experiencing empathy and compassion, meaning that they are capable of feeling with and for other human beings. These feelings can cause a strong desire to help people and they are particularly important when relating to people who are different from you. 628 more words


"Yeah, Right" (said with sarcastic undertones)

I use to love Daria, and now that all things nineties are coming back, I have seen more screen caps and images from the show recently on tumblr. 1,289 more words

needs to be reinterpreted from new perspectives such as those of feminism and post-colonialism, since it consists of texts written by predominantly white, and middle to upper class men. 537 more words


Weekly Musing: Remake, Reboot, Remix, Re-whatever

Over the last decade plus, there’s been an explosion of remakes and reboots. Sometimes the remake/reboot is a way of updating an older TV show or movie. 702 more words

Weekly Musings

Gender Stereotypes in Advertising and the Media - are they harmful?

I have seen this question asked multiple times during my life, be it as a title of a YouTube video, an online article, or as the topic for an essay. 701 more words