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...and she has a mind of her own. That, or she was desperate to play with the buttons.

Background: We have a naughty spot. If the girls are naughty, they have to sit in the spot for three minutes. I set the kitchen timer for this. 115 more words


It's 20 degrees Celcius, why not parade around in the winter clothes mom just pulled out of storage?

These pictures, of course, are not recent.  However, they did come after these ones.  Maybe my girls do love each other after all.

And then back inside for some breakfast.  31 more words


The second half of this day.

Well, this day.  Turns out I can’t create a hyperlink in my title.

Fair enough.

Yep, we’re back at the Renaissance Hotel.  The food is good and the restaurant is child friendly.  47 more words


Holy crap, my girls are touching each other and no one is complaining

This is…unusual.  This is so unusual that I had to immediately go show my husband when I saw the photos.  The thing is, I was hoping for twins that would love and cuddle one another, but what I got was one daughter who has a sense of personal space about a mile wild and another daughter who… 88 more words