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The Agonist Premiere "Danse Macabre" Music Video

The Agonist have premiered a new video for their song, “Danse Macabre,” via Metal Injection. This song is from the band’s latest album, Eye Of Providence, which was released on February 24.


The last Danse Macabre.

And so it was. As he winds his analog timepiece in reverse, so does time, so does her life, until it reaches that faithful day when she was stricken to be his one and only paramour. 246 more words


The Gift of Death

He felt nervous, he saw it be he could not believe it, she was no longer dancing. Her red dress didn’t move in the dim light of his castle, she no longer felt the love for Death as she did in ages passed. 112 more words


Romance of a Dead King

Months passed she still remains in his castle, she still dances without tiring and he still watches, the dead king still watches his paramour dance the danse macabre all alone. 97 more words


Deaths' Paramour

And in the memories of the onlookers they remained the couple of the dreams, each of them often would have a dream of the girl in the red dress, and the shadow she was dancing with, some of them had nightmares the ones that saw Deaths’ true visage, some of them had wonderful dreams, of that couple, that to this day still dance in the abyss. 27 more words


Dancing through Hell

Another work created by using a photograph of a Danse Macabre from a Renaissance Faire and Photoshop Elements 2.0.  I tinkered with the photo until what you see here emerged.  17 more words


Frankenswine: Literary Cooking Adventure


While stumbling across the internet as I often do in search of new and wonderful recipes, I happened upon one for some delicious sweet potato, bacon turkey burgers. 264 more words

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