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if rivers originate seas,
and indigenous skies fly
away where cities cannot rise
beneath Utopian rain,

and kings, who weep in dungarees,
mend to malt near castles… 64 more words



there are days
that smile like ivory,
and days that grey
the aura,

but to wander
behind calm eyes

is to see
earth’s aurora.

Daniel Ray Thomason


i’ll say one word,
and with that word
i will deliver to
a world

that has yet to
unfold itself

from the veil
that is

the human eye.

Daniel Ray Thomason

"View of Toledo".

with a clear
view of Toledo,
i sit

and see a voyage

of time’s own delay;

where to dream
is but to wander
Tagus desolation, 42 more words

Daniel Ray Thomason


not too far from

is where syzygy goes to
watch the earth


Daniel Ray Thomason

The Ravenous Mess (2012)

The ravenous mess curdles,
untouched by the strokes
of a painter whose certainty
exceeds his ability–staring,
staring at the bright brew,
the jumble of hue, as if to… 95 more words

Daniel Ray Thomason