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not too far from

is where syzygy goes to
watch the earth


Daniel Ray Thomason

The Ravenous Mess (2012)

The ravenous mess curdles,
untouched by the strokes
of a painter whose certainty
exceeds his ability–staring,
staring at the bright brew,
the jumble of hue, as if to… 95 more words

Daniel Ray Thomason

"(rose)"; or "the shadow that split the sun-dial."

I’ve grown curious —
for isn’t curiosity a seed,
some gallant cocoon nestled
neath this bedded reflection
of the moon?

surrendering itself indefinitely
to the idea that chance is a rain… 89 more words


oracle. (stream-of-consciousness)

it operates incessantly
within the darkroom of a soul,
adjusting the safe-light
beside itself
in patient grace,
focusing there,
where e’er that be,
and what e’er it sees

is a negative

set free.

Daniel Ray Thomason

the sun reveals my shadow
the moon reveals my day

Daniel Ray Thomason

where rain is felt.

unsure today/ i tread in thought under pine umbrellas/ peering through this april haze into my mind’s universal fallout shelter/ pardoning my heart of all earthly treasures/ for truth is beauty/ and beauty a merciless pleasure… 12 more words

Daniel Ray Thomason

3am, mid-winter sky.

crystal seeds sprinkled ceaselessly there – aglow in slumber – grow softly, like wonder, in gardens celestial.