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Daniel Fast Recipes for Dinner

As stated in the lunch recipe section, you can interchange the lunch and dinner recipes depending on your preferences. These are just here to give you ideas. 1,775 more words


Daniel Fast Snacks

Here are some options to help you get started with snacking while on the Daniel Fast:

Note: Snacking is something you really need to watch while fasting. 474 more words


Recipes for the Fast

When we first began our journey, I had no clue where to find what I needed and would have given my eye-teeth (as the saying goes) to have had access to a site that included types, tips and recipes for fasting. 237 more words


Easy lentils recipe

Can we all agree that lentils are a bit underrated? They are small, green and, frankly, not the more attractive of the legume bunch. However, they are incredibly healthy and, when cooked the right way, so delicious. 331 more words

Daniel Fast Recipes

How to make sofrito

Sofrito is a Latin marinade used in daily cooking. It is used in everything from stews to meats, and you will find variations of it everywhere. 273 more words

Daniel Fast Recipes