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33 Bizarre Books You Can Buy on Amazon

Want to write and publish a book but think your idea is too ridiculous and that no one would buy it?

Think again as you check out these strange books! 78 more words

Dangerous Words

#ArtsyTuesday: Research Finds the Obvious - Most Artists Who Make A Living Are White

Duh! and No shit! were the first thoughts that came to mind when I saw this article heading. This really isn’t shocking or surprising. The research revealed interesting numbers, I suppose, but it really just makes me more depressed.

184 more words
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#WriterWednesday: Productivity Tips for Writers

Aspiring authors have asked me how I found the time to write my book. The easy and short answer is you have to make time. 120 more words

Dangerous Words

5 Must-Have Social Media Marketing Books for Artists

It’s often said that people don’t read anymore and that things have to be dumbed down or posted in 140 characters or less for people to pay attention. 131 more words

Dangerous Words

#FeedArt on Ms. Nix: TIDAL - A Wake Up Call For All Artists

Affluent artists must keep investing in themselves and their art to make sure that they remain wealthy. Money can be lost as fast as it was earned. 143 more words

Dangerous Words