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Drats! The Christians took all the fun out of Easter.

It’s an ancient pagan festival. The Spring Equinox. A  seasonal event. It celebrated the day all the fun things about this yearly event occur. 485 more words


What Do You Mean You Can't Dance?

We hope you can make our next dance at the Con Club in Chepstow on April 18th.

Why not try and convince some of your non-dancing friends to come along as well, We have a special, level zero, intro to Lindy Hop at the beginning of the night to help people get started with something that could change their lives. 10 more words

The Pixie Party

This is a children’s story I’ve been working on for some events I’m planning to run in my area this summer. I’d say its probably most suitable for 5-7 year olds. 1,042 more words


The one and only "flingé" is at Purdue University

Here at Purdue we’ve got a ballet move you’ve never heard of – the flingé. The flingé is our fun name for a grand battement variation.  147 more words

The Tale of the Two Left-footed

Dancing doesn’t come naturally to me. It’s something that I’ve never been able to do, let alone do well. In my younger days, I was that one kid who could never quite pull off the Crip Walk, or the Chicken Head, or the Harlem Shake. 92 more words