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Can you feel the excitement? It's a giveaway!!!

Attention my ballet brothers and sisters!!

This is a giveaway.

My very first! So I am very excited. And you should be too.

Let’s just get right down to it… what do you get? 315 more words


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hey, the amazing and generous lorry at bead109 is giving away some cool ballet stuff (including postcards & magnets from my etsy shop)!

also..... here is the link to my shop , which i have been meaning to post here but i've been such a total slacker.  really, you should check it out because there is some very pretty ballet photography going on there :)  (i mean, at least i think they are pretty! and i hope you will too).

coupe back 2 - mark

but seriously- check out the bead109 giveaway! and good luck!

Photography Style

I would say that my favourite photography style is Dance photography. I love to get those “tough to capture” shots. Whether it be that split second in the air or exploring the different angles of the body. 87 more words


Alyson is a local teacher who popped into the studio a few weeks ago for some simple headshots. During our conversation she mentioned that she was also a dance teacher well this proved to be an opportunity too good to miss and she came back last week for a full on session. 68 more words


Dancer at Sunset - Camano Dance Photography

Here in the pacific northwest we have been having an early spring (sorry, rest of the country mired in snow). Yesterday was beautiful, partly cloudy, and wonderful. 112 more words


Amber Pickens at Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival

Amber and I met at Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival last summer, while I was the photography intern and she was a participant in the Contemporary Dance Program. 316 more words


Director or Photographer?

It’s been a while since I made use of Rachel’s studio since the new year began. With a hectic schedule packed with meetings, rehearsal, auditions and just plain ‘ole work I haven’t really had a chance for studio time and having started the blog I wanted something new and refreshing to post. 434 more words

Ballet from Backstage

Backstage is special.

Ballet is beautiful to watch from the perspective of the audience, but it takes on an unusual look and beauty from backstage. Your appreciation grows. 111 more words