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Letting Homophobes In Your Head, While Showing Them The Door

The most tragic part about internalized homophobia is the fact that it lives in all parts of our mind, from the thoughts we have to the reptilian layer of our brains that stores the subtle gestures and innuendo of the adults who knew we were gay before we did. 591 more words

Dan Ruisi

I Took Ambien as a House Guest

The last time I rode from New York to Seattle, I nearly lost my mind. I hadn’t been on a plane in years, and like a child I booked the window seat, completely unaware of the fact that the curved fuselage makes the window seat the least roomy. 651 more words

Dan Ruisi

"Don't Sweat the Small Stuff."

“Don’t sweat the small stuff,” said the mortally-wounded giant, in between labored breaths.

My father was the giant. He was dying of congestive heart failure when he offered that pearl of wisdom. 301 more words

Dan Ruisi