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Đoạn văn xúc động trong Biểu tượng thất truyền - Dan Brown

Đây là đoạn văn xúc động mà mình muốn lưu trữ lại sau khi đọc bộ truyện… Nỗi đau ấy thật sự lớn!

Peter đã biết.

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My Diary

Angels and Demons – Rome – 7

Bernini’s sculptures feature again at Castel Sant’Angelo, where Robert Langdon finally confronts the assassin. The Sant’Angelo bridge which crosses the Tiber in front of the castle is lined with 10 sculpted angels. 10 more words


A Conversation With Harlan Coben

I’ve interviewed many authors over the past few years, but it wasn’t until recently that I got to interview my all-time favorite: Harlan Coben. With over 60 million books in print and his last seven consecutive novels debuting at #1 on The New York Times bestseller list, you could say Harlan is a favorite among many readers, and with good reason. 2,026 more words

Michael Cavacini

'Deception Point' Book Review

A friend gave me this novel a couple of years back and I really loved it, partially because of my personal interest in NASA and my admiration for the kind of work it does. 418 more words

Book Review

Embracing Fear

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Originally posted at Fat Slow Triathlete

This life coaching thing is really started me thinking on how I am as a person and what has been driving me all these years to get me where I am today. 1,881 more words


Angels and Demons – Rome – 6

The next location in Angels and Demons has another famous fountain by Bernini. The Fountain of the Four Rivers at Piazza Navona supports an obelisk. In… 17 more words


This is Not How I Used to Read

I recently had finished reading this novel called Inferno. The story,  written by Dan Brown, is about a horrible threat from a bio-terrorist to wipe out human population from the face of the earth. 378 more words