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Going through "Inferno" by Dan Brown

Having woken in a hospital bed with the past two days of his life gone from memory and an item that probably cost him his life, Robert Langdon yet again faces enemies, strangers and a set of clues from Dante’s Inferno scattered throughout Florence to stop a worldwide pandemic. 263 more words


Ponte Vecchio

Couple of weeks ago I’ve started to read a book by Dan Brown. He took my mind back to Florence with his Da Vinci Code. 53 more words

Book Review – Deception Point by Dan Brown

My extra blog for this week looks at Dan Brown’s 2001 novel, Deception Point, one of his few non-Robert Langdon tales. Full spoilers for Deception Point… 875 more words


BASEBALL: Glassboro seeking consistency

GLASSBORO – For the first month of the season, the Glassboro High School baseball team was consistently inconsistent.

“When we put it all together, we’re a solid team,” coach Dan Brown said. 528 more words


Printing brush strokes

Lying in bed, gushing noises of the air conditioner, faded comments of the cricket match in the background, yellow light, reading. Reading Dan Brown’s ‘Da Vinci Code’ curled up in bed under the blanket. 170 more words

This Explains It

The internet has a lot of horseshit on its world wide webs, but occasionally there are tools that blow your mind with the genius of it all. 244 more words


Book Review: The Da Vinci Code

Years ago, when I was a teenager and The Da Vinci Code first became a bestseller, I had some religious friends tell me not to read it. 368 more words