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Installment No. 373: This is Colorado No. 114

The 1865 City Ditch in Denver, CO. was designated by the Denver Landmark Preservation Commission as the “oldest working thing in Denver”.

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Installment No. 371: This is Colorado No. 113

Following the Gold Rush of 1858 – 1859 irrigation ditches were dug in the Denver area, with the first recorded effort on David K. Wall’s farm in Golden, in 1859.

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Installment No. 369: This is Colorado No. 112

Hispanic settlers in what would become the State of Colorado introduced irrigation systems to the area, specifically The People’s Ditch, which was built in town of San Luis in 1852 by pioneers with Spanish surnames.

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Installment No. 367: This is Colorado No. 111

The first known farmers in Colorado were Native Americans, who lived in and around Mesa Verde, and built dams and canals to divert water for the purpose of growing corn, bean, and squash fields.

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Time to look at demolition of dams, expert says

The Glen Canyon Dam towers more than 700 feet up from the Colorado River bed.

It covered up what many considered natural and archaeological treasures while creating what many consider a treasure now, Lake Powell. 59 more words


standing up for taking down dams

Not everyone could be totally pleased by tearing down a dam.

For many years, dams had significant positive effects on communities alongside and along ways away from the moving waters and fish passages they negated.   1,067 more words

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Southern prog-soul band DAMS show off self-made music video

There’s something satisfying about the sound of southern prog-soul band DAMS. They play with the ease of a group of friends banging around a garage back in the 70s, yet the composition is fluid, complete, and 100% post-modern blues rock. 287 more words