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Dear Damien Hirst

Why did you never respond to any of my hate mail when I was seventeen?

I like you, though.

Will you creatively direct me?


Magnificent Obsessions: The Artist as Collector

I have to admit it’s been a little while since my last exhibition visit. I was beginning to feel the familiar need to seek out some fresh inspiration, and after spotting an advert for Magnificent Obsessions at the Barbican Centre on the Tube, I knew it would have to be next up on the list. 405 more words


Magnificent Obsessions: The Artist as Collector @ Barbican

On fait quoi entre deux défilés pendant la Fashion Week ? On va au musée ! Oui, pour les mauvais esprits, l’amour des belles pièces et de la culture, quoi qu’on en dise, c’est compatible. 518 more words


London: Damien Hirst - Love @ Paul Stolper

Damien Hirst is currently having a pop-up exhibition titled ‘Love‘ featuring a series of prints and sculptural editions at Paul Stolper gallery.

Focussing on the theme of love, the exhibition includes ‘LOVE Gold’, a portfolio of love heart prints each foil blocked with a single butterfly in gold leaf, as well as two love heart pill sculptures ‘♡YU4EVA’, and ‘Love Struck’, a heart pierced by a crossbow bolt suspended in a sweet jar. 20 more words


Magnificent Obsessions @ Barbican

Its been a while since I wrote an exhibition entry. Only a few days ago I updated my wordpress to say this was on my list. 307 more words


'This Is Life' Christian Union Event

This past week at Durham University was the Christian Union events week, ‘Conversion Week’ for the cynical among us. I am inclined to bracket myself with those cynics, and naturally went about ignoring the whole thing, aside from occasional frustration at someone wearing a ‘This Is Life’ printed jumper waving leaflets at me as I rush, bundled up in layers and a nasty cold, to my lectures. 976 more words


Love Struck London

In my first LondonDuthTouch blog post I described how last February 14th, when the rest of the world was celebrating the most romantic day of the year, I was watching 35 boxes, containing my whole life, being loaded into a moving truck, only to re-appear on the other side of the North Sea a week later. 583 more words