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Keystone XL pipeline was bad enough. Big oil downplays disasters as though leaking pipes, and lack of safety inspections are rare isolated incidents.  Big oil does not want you to remember  the huge  leak that closed a whole community in Arkansas in 2013, nor train that derailed and exploded in West Virginia in 2015, nor the mountain of toxic Coke waste piling up in East Chicago at the terminal off the great lakes, 6000 tons of it every day. 280 more words

Google loses appeal in Safari cookie tracking case - can face trial in the UK

Security company director Marc Bradshaw, editor and publisher Judith Vidal-Hall

“Ordinary computer users like me will now have the right to hold this giant to account before the courts for its unacceptable, immoral and unjust actions” 381 more words


Harvey & 1 Ors v PD [2004] NSWCA 97 | 30 March 2004

ON THIS DAY IN 2004, the NSW Court of Appeal delivered Harvey & 1 Ors v PD NSWCA 97. A doctor performing STD tests upon a couple has a duty before the tests are performed to obtain the couple’s consent to share the results. 12 more words

Accredited Specialist In Personal Injury Law

Understanding Houston Personal Injury Claims

Houston Personal Injury Claims – Houston Car Accident Lawyer – RJ Alexander Law PLLC 

In our childhood, the marks “earned” on the sports field were especially valuable, as they were testaments to the toughness of the person and were carried around as trophies. 493 more words


Netflix and TV Shows

Every now and then I tend to become totally obsessed with a TV Show that is on Netflix. I don’t tend to watch a lot of TV shows normally, at the moment I am watching Blue Bloods, Glee and Game of Thrones that is all from the new series of shows that are still being shown on TV. 825 more words

Vidal-Hall v Google, and the rise of data protection ambulance-chasing

Everyone knows the concept of ambulance chasers – personal injury lawyers who seek out victims of accidents or negligence to help/persuade the latter to make compensation claims. 843 more words

Data Protection

How to sue in respect of abusive comments on the Internet

The Bussey Law Firm PC & Anor v Page EWHC 563 (QB) – read judgment

The facts of this case are simple. A defamatory comment was posted on the claimant’s Google maps directional page, implying that he was a “loser” as a lawyer and that his firm lost “80%” of cases brought to them. 699 more words

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