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PokeWar Part 8

Dakota lead her team towards the northern gate of Saffron City. Her orders were simple, scout the area and clear the way for the main force. 1,341 more words


Tripp Gets Away With Murder!

It’s no secret that Tripp has been the victim of poor parenting. While it is incontrovertible that it is hard to be a young single mother, Bristol has made it even more challenging for Tripp to be her son, than the average single mother. 271 more words

What You Didn't Know About Sarah Palin At the NRA Convention

You probably knew Sarah Palin has been announced as one of the speakers at the annual NRA convention. The 2015 convention will be held in Nashville at the Bridgestone arena. 342 more words

Dakota Meyer's Life With Guns: "That's Just How We Roll"

Raw story features an article which includes the response of Dakota Meyer to outrage expressed over the photo of Dakota, and a baby, and a gun laying conspicuously in the background. 478 more words

PokeWar Part 4

Bravo Company had occupied Cerulean City for almost a week now while it waited for the other companies to send word. Reno sat in a makeshift hammock reading over the combat plan for his squad. 1,163 more words


PokeWar Part 3

The captain held his fist up in the air and with that Bravo squad stopped instinctively. We all as a unit crouched low and began examining the area. 1,469 more words


PokeWar Part 2

“Hostile down, all clear.” She said aloud. Three other members of Delta Squad poked their heads up above the tall grass. She adjusted her sapphire blue pig tails, they had come loose in the commotion. 1,092 more words