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Oh calcium calcium, where could you be?

I’m standing here waiting for my cows to come home. But if they don’t come home, where will I get my calcium from?

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The Ultimate Chia Pudding!

I have been playing around with chia pudding recipes for awhile and have finally mastered one that is super yummy!

Cashew Milk

There are many recipes for nut milks, particularly almond milk. I personally prefer cashew milk, it is a creamier taste.

  • 1 cup cashews soaked in water and 1/2 tsp Himalayan salt for 3 hours…
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Healthy Ingredient Profile - Coconuts

Where can you find it?

The coconut is a fruit that is easily found throughout the tropics and the fruit’s high resistant to water has made it easy for it to travel long distances via ocean currents. 434 more words

Food Choices

Easy 1 Ingredient Organic Coconut Milk

Non-dairy milks are much easier to find these days now that healthy dairy alternatives are popping up in health-food and grocery stores alike, however they are sometimes filled with unwanted sweeteners and stabilizers.   252 more words


Almond Milk


Why would anyone go to the trouble of making their own almond milk? Well, the suppliers of nut milks have you fooled. It costs nowhere near the excessive prices featuring at your local supermarket and, surprise, surprise, it can be made in a pinch (disclaimer: it does require overnight soaking). 506 more words


Pumpkin Overload

I don’t know about all of you but every trip to the grocery store in the last few weeks has bombarded me with another new pumpkin item. 356 more words