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Watching Me Burn - The Backpedal Renaissance.

I find success hard to obtain and easy to obsess over. Laughing at the thought of drowning in depression or lamenting over failed attempts at greatness. 121 more words


When Summer Comes

I am not sure if summer has its ghosts to make everybody falling in love or if it’s me who is traveling only during summer and encountering many interesting people. 267 more words



Hello world. Yes, this is a re-write of a post I wrote earier, but I wanted to make a one that wasn’t so blurry so I made a whole new one instead. 348 more words


Cheeky Nandos

Nandos is a deliciously spicy restaurant in UK and Ireland. Their chicken is one that makes you fly. Their spices melts in your mouth in bursts of fireworks of lemon, lime, mango, wild herbs and pure hotness. 205 more words


Day: 3

Here we are again guys, and this time with very good news.

A massive amount of promotions were released yesterday! Following that we had a war that, well, let me just explain… 210 more words

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