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Last full day on the honeymoon. We spent the day at Universal Studios again and shopped around at the local mall. We spent time in Harry Potter’s Diagon Alley, faced a dragon, ran from a mummy, visited the Simpsons in Springfield, survived a twister, and helped ET get home. 183 more words


Tea with granny

My gran invited me over for tea. It was great to catch up! 6 more words

Do you have a daily/morning routine?

It’s no surprise that a majority of the world’s population would like to know the secrets of successful people. Their quirks… The books they read… Workout regimens… Special diets… We want to know. 673 more words

Very Long Day.

It’s been a long day peeps.

It all started at 9am when I woke up and got ready for C to come at 10am, she got here 15min early which ment I did not have time to do my squats and plank before she came over. 158 more words


#fbf to a moment of clarity when I need it the most. (at...

#fbf to a moment of clarity when I need it the most. (at Brooklyn Bridge)


Big Brother, Big Sister, Little Sister, Littlest Sister.

The Lady and The Duchess fighting for supremacy over the baby toy. The Lord and The Dame snuggle-bunnying until the end of time.

The dynamic of four in a single photo. 218 more words