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Happy St Pirans Day

Dy’gol Pyran Lowen

The sun is shining on our patron saints day.  Lets get out there and enjoy our beautiful county.



We all love that sizzling burger, those beautiful golden fries, and a gulp of soda to finish up the job…Fast food chains take multiple forms. They could be burgers, food available in food courts or any other forms you might know of. 1,281 more words



hi there,

I am a bit busy today doing things that are none related to my PhD but related to my family. Last night, we came home late after picked up my BH from the KLIA. 194 more words


Day 63 - I Missed Today by an Hour!

You know those days when you totally forget to write a blog? So far, in my 60 something days of doing this blog, today is the first time I have missed my daily deadline. 441 more words

Life Update

Hello world !

After thinking long time, this becomes practical, don’t know what will I do with this blog but

It would be intersting.

At least this will act as my personal friend as I can say him everything of my routine and f**k feelings 😑

Cya till 2morrow


March 4th, 2015

BREAKING NEWS: Talking to squirrels is not considered to be normal, Supreme Court decides.