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Nature's revengeĀ 

An article shared on Facebook today disturbed me tremendously … It’s titled By 2025 half the newborns will be autistic. This is in the US, the world’s most developed nation. 573 more words

Daily Ramblings

Prabhu Ki Kripa hai :):)

They say “Man proposes and God disposes”… I never liked the saying, and realised why after hearing Osho’s take on it. Osho said, why would God dispose off any of your proposal because you ask for such small, cheap things like a better car, a bigger home and a prettier nose :):). 164 more words

Daily Ramblings

Sports Content Placeholder

This is just holding the category of Sports together. I haven’t written a sports article in a long time, but when I do, I will delete this little placeholder.

Thanks for your patience.



I’ve talked so much about being from Canada, you’re probably sick of it by now. However, this is my blog, and it’s Cute Animal Monday (somehow, it doesn’t have the same ring as Fantastic Food Friday), so I can talk about whatever type of animal I want, and this time, it’s the beaver, the Canadian national animal. 147 more words

Daily Ramblings

The Nation does not want to know #whereisrahul

Apparently the number one trending topic globally on Twitter is #whereisrahul…. How sad, that so many people choose to waste time on inane, irrelevant things like this. 444 more words

Daily Ramblings

The Bachelor(ette)

A show that I would never apply to go on. The show expects that the man (or woman) put on display (um, I mean selected as the Bachelor(ette) ) will find love with a lucky girl (or guy) who is one of a large number who are competing for his/her heart. 177 more words

Daily Ramblings

The Frustration of Hitting the Weight Loss Wall

I just wanted to share my frustration in hitting the weight loss wall. Whenever I am trying to lose weight, I need to weigh myself daily. 182 more words

Daily Ramblings