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Happy Independence Day !!

There is a beautiful story of the Buddha. He went to meet his father after he became the Buddha and his father thought his son had come home… but Buddha told him, “your son Siddharth is dead, I am not your son.” His father got really angry and shouted at the Buddha “how can you say that ? 1,525 more words

Daily Ramblings


Finally down with 1 commitment

Been 6 months of regular beer sessions at tits

Been 1 week of post concert woes

Been 2 days since we drank straight for 12hours… 18 more words

Daily Ramblings


For me personally, honesty is really important. I hold myself to promises and just about die trying to follow through if I’ve given my word. 176 more words

Daily Ramblings

And everything goes Va Va Vroom...

In comparing to my previous job locations, I have to admit that this is the best, as it provides me with the best route of flying. 541 more words

Seen N Heard


As an employee of a hospital, I represent the company and thus, must act accordingly. I should hold myself to a professional standard with working with other employees as well as any patient’s or vendors. 564 more words

Daily Ramblings

Soap operas don't make good governments !

My sympathies for those who voted for a TV channel to become the Delhi Government … And remember I did hope sincerely for Arvind to do well. 384 more words

Daily Ramblings



Have you ever noticed how royalty acts, hold themselves? Near perfect posture, confident strides. Their actions separate them from the people.

It doesn’t matter what religion you attach yourself to. 199 more words

Daily Ramblings