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Ice Cream Raid

Luna uses the Summer Sun Celebration to raid Celestia’s strategic ice cream reserves, stored deep below Canterlot Castle. Her poor guard pony seems more concerned about getting caught between quarreling princesses than ice cream, though. ^^’

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Luna's Nest of Toys

I like this idea. :D And yes, that’s a Foaly plushie with a certain frilly saddle. :P

I prefer to read this as you quoting a pony princess rather than a pet.

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Apple Bloom's Steeplechase

I don’t really know why, but after Sweetie Belle at the Rodeo I somehow wanted to draw Apple Bloom in a similar situation. Now I might have to draw a Scootaloo version, too… ^^’ Any ideas what kind of competition she might enjoy? 33 more words

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Saddle Expert

Apparently Foal Papers needs a frilly saddle, and Meadow Whisper is there to help. :D

@foalpapers @buttonspony @spectacles_ak I disagree SO hard; you could TOTALLY rock that saddle!

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Sweetie Belle at the Rodeo

This sketch is inspired by last Saturday’s episode Appleloosa’s Most Wanted. In the episode Sweetie Belle was the most careful of the CMC, but I like the idea of her trying a hoof at the rodeo later. 13 more words

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Alchemist Apple Bloom

I’m still trying to get back into drawing, and I really liked the idea of alchemist Apple Bloom in Bloom and Gloom, so here we go. ;-)

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Playing Piano

I’m still alive, but extremely stressed out. I hope I’ll get back to drawing more frequently, but at the moment I can’t promise anything. ^^’ Anyway, this sketch is for a dear friend, and should lead to a watercolor eventually.

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