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Alchemist Apple Bloom

I’m still trying to get back into drawing, and I really liked the idea of alchemist Apple Bloom in Bloom and Gloom, so here we go. ;-)

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Playing Piano

I’m still alive, but extremely stressed out. I hope I’ll get back to drawing more frequently, but at the moment I can’t promise anything. ^^’ Anyway, this sketch is for a dear friend, and should lead to a watercolor eventually.

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Pillow Fort

“No, I can’t come out, I’m working!”

If I told work that this new feature requires a pillow fort, would they believe me? 'Cause a pillow fort sounds pretty great right now.

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Pinkie Grazing

“You want some? Go ahead, it’s enough for everypony!”

Eating right off the lawn seems to be uncommon in Equestria, but I can imagine Pinkie doing it anyway.

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Tuesday Sketches

It’s been far too long, but today I finally got some sketches done again. The one above is a redone version of Eating Ice Cream… 22 more words

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The Right to Tea

“In the name of Princess Celestia, you are under arrest. You have the right to remain silent and the right to tea.”

Once again, Lupinia and Foal Papers are to “blame” for a sketch.

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A few days ago, I saw this super cute video, in which a pony reciprocates back scratches towards a human. :D Real life ponies groom their friends like this, so why not draw it? 32 more words

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