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Saturday Sketches

I don’t have much to say here. I’m still sick, but at least drawing improves my mood. The sketch of Scootaloo in a dress was kind of inspired by a recommendation on Twitter: 16 more words

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Saddle Arabian and Coffee

Two sketches for today: The Saddle Arabian envoy mare, and Lupinia enjoying her coffee. :D The Saddle Arabians’ build is quite different from most Equestrian ponies, closer to that of the Princesses, and their hooves are clearly distinct from the legs. 47 more words

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Monday Sketchbook

I wanted to sketch some more chibi ponies. They didn’t really turn out chibi-ish, but I’m still really happy with the result. No erasing what so ever! :D

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Foaly and Niece

Once again, a sketch inspired by a cute tweet:

Me to niece, while working on my laptop: “If you hear me say ‘Shut up’ or ‘go away’, it’s never to you, sweetie.

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Magic is Messy

Baby Cakes, or: Magic is Messy! Seriously, rising unicorn or pegasus babies must be trouble for earth pony parents. XD

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More Chibi Ponies

More chibi ponies! These are fairly quick to draw, and not trying to keep proportions “right” feels liberating. :D I drew all of these without erasing anything.

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Chibi Ponies

“We want to express reality without an overly realistic depiction, and that’s about appealing to the human imagination.”
Isao Takahata, animated film director at Studio Ghibli…

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