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Woman Wins Fight Against Frizzy Hair!

… Albeit temporarily…

After one hour of trying to get her hair under control, it’s reported that the young woman ventured outside and all her efforts were lost!

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Kalo taxithi, Tony

Painter Tony Lakides will be remembered at a memorial gathering of family and friends on one of his favourite beaches, Limnonari, this Tuesday, May 26, at 6pm. 36 more words

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Deola Segoe S/S '15 | "Wings By Deola"

Collection: Spring/Summer 2015

Theme: Wings by Deola

Design Philosophy:

Developing my own fabrics is essential for me. Every time you do it, it’s fresh; the drawings, the process of making Adire, starting with indigo and then just making music with colour and patterns, “fabric jazz”.  74 more words

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Toaster Settles Score At Number 36...

A string of “fire alarm incidents” have occurred at Number 36 over the last 10-11 months. These incidents have reportedly been caused by the young woman in the house making toast and has been the cause of banter between the two inhabitants for several months now – The young man reportedly blaming the young woman’s lacking toast-making skills. 114 more words

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Woman Woken By "Serenading Stranger" In The Early Hours Of The Morning...

… Or so she thought! Upon further investigation, it turned out it wasn’t a secret admirer serenading the young woman from the street… But the young man living in the same house! 46 more words

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