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Islamic State has released a video showing the militants executing 30 ‘people of the cross’ in Libya. The video claims that those who were killed were Ethiopian Christians; the Ethiopian government has confirmed that they were Ethiopian migrant workers, but the Jerusalem Post has reported that three of those killed were from Eritrea. 112 more words

Daily Musings

The Seasons Through My Window

This “QuiltToon” shows all the seasons of the year as I see them through my bedroom window.  The branches of our big willow tree and the window box tell the story — the pointsettia is, of course, inside the window, and the window box filled with snow. 69 more words

A New Green Dress

the almond tree that houses

my meditation tea house

has decided that she wants

a new green dress

and I’m okay with that

as a woman… 156 more words

Daily Musings

Interesting Article

Throughout high school and college, I would always debate with my know-it-all professors about science eventually confirming the existence of God.  I was laughed at and ridiculed as I explained my deep belief that science does not in any way negate the existence of God, but instead confirms it by a deeper analysis of the workings of life itself, which point to an intelligence greater than our own.  67 more words

Daily Musings

On Writing 2

to the seekers of words

who know

to put words

to memory

is to let history live

continue the promise

of our ancestors

provide a future… 64 more words

Daily Musings

Attacks on Foreigners in South Africa - Statement from the World Methodist Council

I have a special interest in this issue as my wife, Marlene, was born in South Africa and we both have many family and friends living in Durban and Johannesburg.. 249 more words

Daily Musings


The more I pay attention to the world, the more I am forced to retreat into the worlds of my books.  That’s all for today.

Nigel Nicholas

Daily Musings