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I didn't choose the slut life. The slut life chose me.

When you start your story with, “Every time I blow a strange man in a bar bathroom…” you kind of wonder if maybe you should set the standards a little higher.   455 more words

Crystal Diamante

Two Character Sprites

By: clam of opengameseeker (2013)

Public Domain.
One pose per sprite.

Clam uses these two as an examples to plan coloring ahead before pixelating. (drawing) Considering the color scheme picked poorly. 32 more words

Daily Life


Most people think strength is how much you workout at the gym, how much you can lift, how fast you are, how much you can support others. 115 more words

Daily Life

Photo-A-Day: Ground Level

The weather has been so nice the last few days that I’ve been able to walk the dogs outside everyday so far this week! Today, we did a little more exploring than walking but we still enjoyed the beautiful weather as the sun shines and the birds sing. 68 more words

Daily Life

Why I've been MIA: Upcoming Project

This time for not posting, I have a valid reason! I have been working on a project, and I am super excited to see it launch and let everyone know about it. 90 more words


Heralding Spring

All day long yesterday and today we could hear the distant mournful cries of cranes as they fly North from their winter feeding grounds in Spain and Africa, up to the Baltic States to nest and breed during the summer months. 341 more words

Daily Life.

spring is coming *

it’s been a lovely weather. still a bit cold. but you can definitely sense the change…