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Identification methods

There needs to be some sort of method to be identified in the digital world. The most common method is to use bank codes. There are several services which identify you by asking you to log in to your bank account. 54 more words

Daily Life

A Summary in Pictures

As in Mrs. Peregrine, these past few days feel like Before and After. It is said that no one comes out of law school the same person, but perhaps along the way, we fight little battles and fist-bump little victories and these change us, ever so subtly. 891 more words


Story 2.55 Part 1: The Dragons are coming

I was asked to run another errant for Milfi.

Rowena was the only one who found it inappropriate.

I went to see Yda who was still trying to get over the loss of her dear friend. 101 more words


Clothes shopping in your 30's

I feel like I have just transitioned some invisible age line whereby I go into shops that I used to frequent, and the clothes are just too young for me. 60 more words

Daily Life

Planting My Garden | Video


So I went ahead and planted my herb garden even though I leave for England in 9 days. Luckily my parents already have plants to take care of, so they are fine with adding a few more into the mix… 47 more words


Pop Quiz!

Is God testing you? Are you worried about passing? Are you fearful you might fail? Is there any other option? Have you studied? Do you know what to study? 877 more words

Spiritual Growth

Praising God

“Praise be to the God and Father
of our Lord Jesus Christ”

(Ephesians 1:3)

Many people find it fairly easy to praise others but difficult to praise God. 402 more words