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5 Daily Ideas: 2015-04-13

1. Generic actionable-nofitication app for smart watches
2. One digital air ticket for groups
3. Smart plate, “knows” whats on the plate and provides instructions for how to cook it and what goes w it… 32 more words

5 Daily Ideas: 2015-01-28

1. Laptop, which recharges battery by typing on built-in keyboard
2. Flying jacket
3. Houses made of 3D printed trees/biological material
4. 3D printed/replicated real hair (wig) 9 more words

5 Daily Ideas: 2015-02-10

1. Instant IoT sticker, w wireless sensor which hooks up to nearest wireless communication device, also has (basic) cloud analytics engine
2. Video printer
3. Virtual Reality-aided (history) lessons… 34 more words

5 Daily Ideas: 2015-01-26

1. Insta-tool, metal piece (wearable) which can be turned into any (small) tool by touch
2. Plants, which feed upon pollution
3. Automated hair/nail clipper machine, can work on you while you sleep… 14 more words

5 Daily Ideas: 2015-01-24

1. Smart and customizable running shoes, auto-adjusts to fit each runner’s style, running surface, etc.
2. Do part-time real estate
3. Mud-based houses
4. Technology to auto-squeeze remainings out of jars/tubes… 6 more words

5 Daily Ideas: 2015-01-23

1. Smart lock/security, automatically opens your doors, gates, logs in, etc. based on visual ID
2. Camera as a band-aid
3. Drawing app w 3D print capabilities… 10 more words

5 Daily Ideas: 2015-01-21

1. Smart walking cane for the blind, uses sensors to safely guide walker
2. Smart horse whip, auto-delivers small jolts of electricity when horse misbehaves… 25 more words