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5 Daily Ideas: 2015-05-22

1. New skill aquiring via app+(brain) electrodes
2. App for remote takeover of machines, computers, phones (once owner accepts, you can use the machine from remotely). 28 more words

5 Daily Ideas: 2015-04-13

1. Generic actionable-nofitication app for smart watches
2. One digital air ticket for groups
3. Smart plate, “knows” whats on the plate and provides instructions for how to cook it and what goes w it… 32 more words

5 Daily Ideas: 2015-04-09

1. Audio-delivered pain relief
2. AnyFurniture, can be configured to be chair, table, ladder, …
3. Letter becomes transparent upon (authenticated) touch
4. Light as paint… 6 more words

5 Daily Ideas: 2015-03-04

1. Food drones – delivery anywhere
2. Retail net promoter score survey at checkout
3. Loudspeaker, conference phone, projector all-in-one
4. Undersea hyperloop – Europe-US in 1 hour
5. Metric system mandatory

5 Daily Ideas: 2015-02-19

1. Phone/computer unlock w educational questions
2. Tattooed screens
3. Valet-anywhere service, someone picks up your car any place and bring it back to you on request… 20 more words

5 Daily Ideas: 2015-02-10

1. Instant IoT sticker, w wireless sensor which hooks up to nearest wireless communication device, also has (basic) cloud
analytics engine
2. Video printer
3. Virtual Reality-aided (history) lessons… 34 more words

5 Daily Ideas: 2015-02-03

1. Wifi networks from vehicles
2. AnyChannel, lets you connect/talk/message any person or company using your preferred communication channel, even if they don’t
3. Self-repairing tires… 6 more words