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5 Daily Ideas: 2015-02-19

1. Phone/computer unlock w educational questions
2. Tattooed screens
3. Valet-anywhere service, someone picks up your car any place and bring it back to you on request… 20 more words

5 Daily Ideas: 2015-01-28

1. Laptop, which recharges battery by typing on built-in keyboard
2. Flying jacket
3. Houses made of 3D printed trees/biological material
4. 3D printed/replicated real hair (wig) 9 more words

5 Daily Ideas: 2015-02-10

1. Instant IoT sticker, w wireless sensor which hooks up to nearest wireless communication device, also has (basic) cloud analytics engine
2. Video printer
3. Virtual Reality-aided (history) lessons… 34 more words

5 Daily Ideas: 2015-01-26

1. Insta-tool, metal piece (wearable) which can be turned into any (small) tool by touch
2. Plants, which feed upon pollution
3. Automated hair/nail clipper machine, can work on you while you sleep… 14 more words

5 Daily Ideas: 2015-01-24

1. Smart and customizable running shoes, auto-adjusts to fit each runner’s style, running surface, etc.
2. Do part-time real estate
3. Mud-based houses
4. Technology to auto-squeeze remainings out of jars/tubes… 6 more words

5 Daily Ideas: 2015-01-23

1. Smart lock/security, automatically opens your doors, gates, logs in, etc. based on visual ID
2. Camera as a band-aid
3. Drawing app w 3D print capabilities… 10 more words

5 Daily Ideas: 2015-01-21

1. Smart walking cane for the blind, uses sensors to safely guide walker
2. Smart horse whip, auto-delivers small jolts of electricity when horse misbehaves… 25 more words