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Mineralizing Soul - Capricorn Full Moon 2015


Today the Moon passes through the early degrees of Capricorn as it fills to capacity over the course of the next twelve hours. It will perfect fullness at 10:20 PM EDT July 1. 354 more words

Depth Contemplation Soaked in Joy, Daily Horoscope June 29, 2015

Today the Moon moves through the final decan and a half of Sagittarius. It goes void at 2:18 PM EDT, and enters Capricorn at 5:11 AM July 1 for the monthly full Moon. 395 more words

Who Are Gemini Women Attracted To?

Any woman who is under the light of the Gemini sign is known as two different people. She possesses a dual nature and is able to display different personality traits at various points of time. 380 more words


Tux Tuesday: ZodiaCat App

When it comes to daily horoscopes, why should humans have all the fun? Us cats want to know what might be in the stars for us too! 222 more words

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Daily Read: 28th May 2015 - Face Your Shadows!

Keys for today:

  • Head / heart balance should come easily in more mundane matters.
  • You could find yourself being pulled off-balance by deeper or more subtle / spiritual matters.
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Daily Read: 26th May 2015 - Keep Calm & Carry On

Keys for today:

  • Balance – head vs heart!
  • Balancing your thoughts & ideas should be easier today, but keeping emotions in check will be more difficult.
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Weekend Read: 23rd-24th May 2015

Keys for the weekend:

  • A good time to get out there & get what you want, or just have fun.
  • Look for ways your past work has laid foundations for what you want.
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