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Weekend Read: 15th - 17th May 2015 - Roller Coaster!

A new weekend and a new theme for my blog – well I couldn’t go without a sidebar could I? Well once again work has sapped my time so Friday is drawing to a close – here in the UK at least. 381 more words


Taurus Horoscope Compatibility

According to Horoscope compatibility chart, the Taurus zodiac sign tends to look for a partner who is willing to bring physical affection and security, and who can hold this sign in a pleasure lifestyle. 476 more words


Daily Read: 13th May 2015 - Heal Thyself!

An odd day today – both tense and full of growth potential. You might feel pulled in several directions by a background tug-of-war trying to pull you off your carefully-built foundation (Moon quincunx South Node in Libra) most likely manifested by the need to surge ahead with ideas or new directions (Moon squares both Mercury and Mars in Gemini). 217 more words


Daily Read: 12th May 2015 - Waking Up

Woohoo! Changes ahoy today, with a particular focus on spiritual healing, insights or even awakenings. The warning still stands against allowing the energy of new beginnings to get you… 282 more words


Daily Read: 11th May 2015 - Look Forward to Change

Another belated one – I really should do these the night before… :-O

Today will likely feel like time for a change – restlessness & dissatisfaction might well build to a point of “That’s it!” There is a lot of this sort of tension on today’s chart, and today is a good day to stand up to whatever you feel has been blocking you. 193 more words


Daily Read: 8th May 2015 - Some Relief

With the Moon about to high-five retrograding Pluto on its way past (“conjunct” I think is the term) late tonight (UK time), today feels like weight slowly lifting. 267 more words


Daily Read: 7th May 2015 - Get Serious!

“Daily” might be stretching it since I missed yesterday (just blame work – I always do).

Change is the order of the day here – we start out with a wave of expansive energy geared to dreaming big & self-realisation (Sagittarius moon trines our Aries Uranus), quickly followed in the early afternoon (UK time) by a return to Earth as the trine wanes & the moon enters Capricorn. 344 more words