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It Wasn't ALL Bad

The thing about the past is that it’s easy to see it ALL as bad, so that everything now is good, and light, and positive and progress. 165 more words



I’m late, leaving the office at 19:15, but there’s no helping that – there’s a lot to do, and plenty that’s not finished.

But tonight – even though all my body is telling me to do is to crawl under a duvet for a thousand years – I have a date. 165 more words


A Chance To Forgive

A voice from the past reached my ears last night. A voice I never expected nor wanted to hear from ever again.

He talked about pain and truths and hurt and moving on. 64 more words


Staring Into The Chaos

Today has been a day filled with difficult conversations that needed to be had.

Plenty of reality checks. Emotional introspection and exploring things I would rather not talk about or feel. 103 more words


Like Family

Today again, I’m not forcing a list of five things to be grateful for.

I am becoming aware, slowly, of more positive aspects – a compassionate support system of friends, family and colleagues and an engaging, creative career. 103 more words

Dave Luis

Are you Feeling your Feelings?

Feelings can be scary beasts sometimes.

Grief. Anger. Sadness. Fear. Those words hurt me just to look at them.

Today, I wandered off to the movies with my younger 2 children to check out Inside Out. 686 more words

Five Things.

Five things to be grateful for, today:

  1. It’s Father’s Day – and although he’s no longer with us, the memories of dad are happy ones.
  2. 121 more words
Dave Luis