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Mobile Minutes: No Touching

True story…
For several reasons I have a “no touch” policy, not just at school, but in life as a whole. Darco is the only one that I’m alright (obviously!) with the exception. 149 more words

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My professor just sent me a message on the final project I turned in on Monday…


This would mean that I finished the course with 101/102 points (99.01%). 61 more words

Daily Events

Wednesday 04 Mar 2015

AP Chem Pd 1:

Daily Events

Tuesday 03 Mar 2015

AP Chem Pd 1:

  • Conducted the Kinetics of Hydrogen Peroxide Decomposition Experiment.
  • HW:  Complete Experiment write up by next Tuesday 10 Mar 2015.

AP Chem Pds 3 & 7/8: 52 more words

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Monday 02 Mar 2015

AP Chem Pds 1, 3, & 7/8:

Honors Chem Pd. 13 more words

Daily Events

Mobile Minutes: Where There's Smoke...

I felt guilt throughout the day because I wasn’t at church tonight. I had made the choice to stay home and finish my final for class instead of heading out. 277 more words

Daily Events

Mobile Minutes: Finals!

It’s that time! My online course is ending and our final project is due tomorrow. I’ve locked myself away from all distractions to punch out a stellar project through today. 20 more words

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