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repeat again and again

It’s always that first open door that I dive in that brings back the same ole thing. The lust of the flesh… Here we go again

I’m sorry

Daily Dose

This Pretty Much Sums Up My Problem

Its been a while between posts. Our family went away for a long weekend and the lead up was a bit mental getting there and then getting back home and rushing off to work. 451 more words

Daily Dose

Bad Man Stagger Lee

The tall tale of Stagger Lee has been recorded countless times in many styles. The bad man Stagger Lee has been Stacker Lee, Stack-O-Lee, Stack Pole and more. 425 more words


Get It Before It's Too Late!

If you’re familiar with Dreamspinner Press’s annual Daily Dose collections, you’ll know they provide a special themed short story every day throughout the month of June. 328 more words


Daily Dose: The Secret of N.I.M.H. and the MEETING JEREMY Moment

The One Line Summary: The widowed Mrs. Brisby needs to move her family quickly as the neighborhood is about to make some major zoning changes that will destroy her home but the problem is her son has fallen ill with pneumonia and the doctor says he must lie still for three weeks or he’ll die so she consults her aunt who does some engineering sabotage to slow the demolition but it’s not enough so after getting some advice from a local scholar, she enlists the help of a secretive gang who have access to advanced technology and offer to give her a hand because her late husband, as she learns, actually died in their service trying to drug the angry cat that patrols the area, though when I say cat I don’t mean as in “he’s a cool cat” but an  515 more words


Daily Dose: Ally's Relationship Concerns

Ally has been in a relationship with her girlfriend for roughly five years and every so often the topic of marriage comes up from friends and family of the couple. 168 more words


Hey all you cowboys....

Good-bye old paint.

Here’s Meredith Axelrod

Also nice on squeezebox, from Sqwzbox

I also really like this performance by Bruce Molsky, with Brittany Haas and Paula Bradley… 7 more words