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[Dailies] Character: Jiki

If you have watched Karneval, maybe you less him notice though heĀ is an essential character to the main characters. 79 more words


Daily Dose: King Kong and the READY FOR A NIGHT OUT IN THE JUNGLE Moment

The One Line Summary: Slippery oil tycoon sets sail for the rich, untapped resources of foggy Skull Island, home to some hostile locals with their spiky high fences and stabby spears, though overrun with chompy wildlife that really puts the… 392 more words


Well Meaning Friends and Juicing Buds - Albertina

Quick post – went to friends this morning for a coffee. Thought I was being clever by timing it around 11.15am so that I could avoid morning tea and avoid lunch offers. 137 more words


Daily Dose: Clueless and the JOSH KISSES CHER Moment

The One Line Summary: Naive, superficial blonde hottie Batgirl, er Cher, navigates the cliques and clubs of her Beverley Hills high school, fending off aimless droopy-drawered boy while doing her part to perk up her best friend, play matchmaker, find true love and save the planet. 200 more words


Revising Challenge Two - Albertine C2 - D6

I may have to rethink this Challenge. While the first challenge went swimmingly well, challenge two seems to be the opposite. Last night I had ice cream and muesli bars. 261 more words