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How Well Do You Know Mulan?

Mulan is one of the coolest princesses that Disney has. I’ve always loved her, and appreciate the Asian culture of the film, too. So I was a little disappointed in myself for scoring a 27 out of 31 in… 20 more words

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Fun Fact Friday! #160

Five dollars a joke? Walt Disney certainly had some creative ways to inspire… well, creativity! Disney would offer his artists a five dollar bonus if one of their jokes ended up in the movie. 48 more words

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Princess Battle Rap?! You're Welcome :)

I have no words…

OK, yes I do.

Check out good ol’ Buffy decked out like our favorite classic Princess Cinderella battle my heroine, Princess Belle! 21 more words

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Fun Fact Friday! #159

With the new Cinderella movie premiering today, I thought it was appropriate to make Fact #159 about the classic princess herself.

Ilene Woods, the voice of (the original) Cinderella, was the first person to use double tracked vocals, ever. 64 more words

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101 Pounds of Fun. No, wait -

Just a quick post to hopefully brighten up your day. Take a look at these adorable behind-the-scenes photos of the 101 Dalmatians recording! Sooo cute! 24 more words

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Check out the "Tomorrowland" Trailer

Tomorrowland premiers on May 22nd. This movie seems a little dark to me, which is not what I was expecting, but I think I might still go see it. 167 more words

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Shopping for a Kilt!

According to this quiz from Oh My Disney, my fairy tale home would be with Princess Merida and her unruly clan at Castle Dunbroch! Well, I do love bears, mountains, and big old castles. 63 more words

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