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Can You Get Them All?

I love sharing quizzes, especially after I get 100%! he he he

In this cool quiz, you have to guess which Disney movie it is, just by the opening scene. 15 more words

Daily Disney

Fun Fact Friday! #163

Ah, Frozen. I fear to mention this movie on my blog until the hype had leveled out. Hopefully, my timing is good. :)

Frozen… 209 more words

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Happy (Belated) Earth Day!

Darn it. I was all ready for planting and gardening outside yesterday, but work (adult life) got in the way – again!

Anyways, in honor of our beautiful earth, I thought I would share a song that encompasses all of the wondrous glories that nature has to offer. Pocahontas, sing it girl!

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Getting "Home" Sick

“Home” sick – as in missing Walt Disney World. I follow a ton of blogs and Facebook pages that refer to WDW as their “home” and so I thought I would borrow it. 628 more words

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Aladdin: The Life Coach

I love Aladdin. The whole entire movie, everything about it. And I’ve complained here before that I’m super bummer that I don’t have it on DVD. 185 more words

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Why it ISN'T "The Fox and the Cat"

If you haven’t seen this adorable, like seriously too-cute-I-can’t-stand-it, video floating around yet, take the 45 seconds to watch it and smile. This is a video of a baby fox (Rupert) who is being reunited with his cat friend (William) that he hadn’t seen for a little while. 86 more words

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Fun Fact Friday! #162

If you have ever been to Disneyland, you may have noticed an interesting store on Main Street, called the Main Street Magic Shop. As the name suggests, you can find all sorts of products for aspiring magicians at this store. 194 more words

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