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Write 31: March 5th

I don’t really have anything on my mind, so this will just be a boring recap of my day :) The goal right now, unfortunately for any readers, is quantity (#writeandrun31), not quality. 338 more words



Weighed in this morning and I’m 93.4kg. I can’t tell you how sick of that weight I am. I feel like that is where my body is stuck! 102 more words

Daily Check In

Fatal nature of the disease/ humor

My sponsee gave me a great idea. To pray for the awareness and internalization of the steps. I have been doing this the last few days. 93 more words

Daily Check In


Last night I followed my Pressure Relief Group’s suggestion and joined a gym and went to a class. However afterwards I felt some open space/ relief and went straight for the food. 101 more words

Daily Check In

Dear Diary

Yesterday was another fast day and I made it! I actually forgot that I had allowed for a piece of sweetcorn with dinner so ended up having a nectarine as dessert instead. 184 more words

Daily Check In


So yesterday I had a “fast” day…a low calorie day. I was doing so well, was hungry and well and truly ready for my omelette , made it, ate it and my calories were sitting at just over 500. 182 more words

Daily Check In

End of the Living Plague

It’s been almost a weeks since I posted, whatever crud I had laid me low for a while. Due to the Husband being out of work, we couldn’t afford for me to miss a single day. 389 more words

Daily Check-In