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Wifi failed me :( 

I’m super annoyed because my post didn’t send and I missed my midnight deadline- it was an internet problem- it can’t count right!? I’m gutted :( 144 more words

Time Out. 

Today I really needed a time out from life. I know that sounds really morbid but I don’t mean it like that, honestly!

I love travelling and spending time with my friends from every corner of the country- as you may have gathered from the posts this week. 189 more words

Tuesdays with Morrie-a delightful treat

Mitch Albom has written several books, all but one I want to read, and that one book, is the book that I’ve read, and the only book that I’ve managed to reread. 392 more words

Daily Blogs

Aaj Mendi Akra Ho Gaya

Akshay Thevar is stepping into twelve from today. Due to busy work schedules I am not taking off, which means I am allowing mom son and daughter to have a wonderful get together. 70 more words

Daily Blogs

End of the Road...

Tomorrow my little post exam celebration (forget about that one next week it’s not important) adventure is coming to and end- back home tomorrow!

I’ve had such an amazing week seeing my friends from all over the country/world. 136 more words

Best Friends and White Hot Chocolate...

Today was a chill day before I go back in my travels and move on to the wonderful world of Sheffield tomorrow, and to be honest it was abit of a ‘mix & match’ day. 342 more words

DailyBlog : You Are Who You Hang With

No question today, I just need to banter a bit about a certain topic on my mind.

For years, I have said “you are judged by the company you keep.” I have found over the last few months that not only is it true, but its psychological reality. 1,077 more words