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Tour of the city

I wrote earlier this month about my experience of taking pictures in area that I am not the most comfortable in. That is in Minneapolis. As you can see this town is very unquic that it has art on its fence.I thought it was cool seeing that something nice and reflecting the neighborhood. 35 more words

Benefits of Small Town Living

There are definite benefits of living in a really small town. We have about 3,000 people in town, and it’s the only incorporated city/town/whatever in our county. 711 more words

Daily Adventures

just another day in paradise

I’ve seen this at least 50 times, and I love it no less.

My toddler ate all my gum this morning while I cooked breakfast to retaliate for me making her stop digging in the freezer and putting the ice cream back. 168 more words


My New Obsession is #ProjectBG.

This week, a new project found its way into my heart.  After consecutive days of errands in malls, meeting up with my improv family, and driving around, a new obsession started Р#ProjectBG (Project Background). 320 more words

Daily Adventures

Straw Bale-bosta Gardening - Puttering

So still no “garden” plants to plant, but there’s still progress. We have some wheat grass volunteering in the straw bale beds so we went down about 12 inches and turned them over. 256 more words

Daily Adventures

What direction are your kids headed?

It’s always been interesting to me how different my kids are. They each have the same biological parents and have each been raised together but they are all just as unique as they can be. 415 more words