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Rest in Peace Leonard Nimoy (Mr. Spock)

DtPb are sad to hear one of their heroes, Leonard Nimoy (Mr. Spock) has passed away.

Thank you for the memories, they will live long and prosper in our hearts. 7 more words


Chapstick Potty

Potty training is a necessary evil in every parents life. I don’t know anyone who would describe it as fun but then again changing your child’s diapers for their entire life isn’t going to be fun either. 685 more words


Zote into Shampoo

Why in the world would someone want to make their own shampoo? Because I can get 30 ounces of all natural, eco-friendly, gray-water-friendly, smells nice, don’t need conditioner shampoo for $.50 a bottle. 693 more words

Daily Adventures

Zote to the Rescue!

I LOVE saving money! I especially love saving money on the boring stuff so I have more to spend on the FUN stuff – like plants and herbs and going out with the family. 466 more words

Daily Adventures

Ducky Meets Donkey Kong

What a crazy dream!

Last night, Ducky dreamed that him and Pembleton were in a video game. They almost got eaten by Pac Man and they had to jump from one platform to another collecting bananas. 50 more words


Our Indoor Camping Weekend

Happy Sunday!! I hope you’ve all had a wonderful weekend thus far. It’s been a pretty fun, active weekend for us Arnold’s. We have crazy cabin fever, and we’re bracing for another bitter cold week (Antarctica called, they want their weather back! 167 more words


Catching Up - Year the Second - Part II

In May 2014 we made our yearly pilgrimage to the Raid at Martin’s Station at the Wilderness Road State Park. We usually volunteer with the Cumberland Gap National Historical Park, but last year we had friends with us from Ozark, Missouri, so we went as tourists. 151 more words

Daily Adventures