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Since I was talking about love anyway yesterday, today was a day spent with amazing people that I love: my cousins. We’ve known each other even before we were born and if there is a female trio out there in the media, we impersonated them over the years. 608 more words


Latin and the Brave Bards of StoneCastle

Any good Scrybe needs to know Latin.

Not only Latin, mind you, but Latin is a good start on the long list of languages that a Scrybe needs to master. 374 more words

Daily Adventures

Red Lion Inn

Whenwe were done in Culross we decided to get a little bit to eat at the Red Lion Inn. The food was so good. For me it was a toss up between the vegetarian sausage (cheese potato leek) and the meat sausage (pork and sage) I decided to be a braveish Colleen and get the meat since my dad got something with the veggie once and let me try it. 265 more words

Daily Adventures


After we went to Edinburgh Castle we decided to take a drive out to Culross. Leaving Edinburgh the traffic was a bit bitter but cleared up considerably once we got out of town. 500 more words

Daily Adventures

Stepping into the Blogging World.

This is my very first post and so I want to make it simple and short.

Without too much elaboration, I will introduce myself and my Blog to the world. 50 more words

Getting To Know Each Other

The Edinburgh Castle

Today we went to Edinburgh Castle we had to wait forever in line for the tickets but it was totally worth it. While we waited Sean my Dad and I talked about wizards and how my dad is a much better wizard than Sean because his watch is not synced up perfectly with my iPhone time. 407 more words

Daily Adventures

Vertical Garden: Forget about having a green thumb!

“Beauty is simplicity.”

Since I was a little girl i dreamed of having a garden, I loved everything about them. The peace and tranquility, the calming, the beautiful colours and fragrant smells.

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Daily Adventures