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AKIRA! My favorite anime/manga/movie. And what happen when you mix Akira and the Simpsons? You get Bartkira! Check it out.



MK daddies and kiddies,ninjas <3 And 1000 souls.


Foam to the people;

Yo, Panda lovers! This weekend, Saturday to be exact, there was a party I went to with a few lovely friends of mine (including le bf). 252 more words


Weekend VS Monday.

On the weekends we be like:
and then on Monday:
F^$% Monday mornings :(


I am thankful for…

I put up some things that you can do with your smart phone on here the other day. One of them suggested that you keep a gratitude journal to keep up with the good things that have happened to you on that day. 273 more words

Book Review

Damien Hurst | Microblog

“Darwin’s idea, evolution through natural selection, actually explains the meaning of life; It is the biggest single idea ever, Its breadth and scope enormous, its means so perfectly economic.

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