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Troll-Lite. How to Troll Responsibly.

There you are, bored out of your mind, it’s not your fault, you can’t help it. The guy is being a dick, he’s asking for it. 571 more words


Anyone can be an author

Now that I have your attention, let me first apologize for the long gap in posts. Secondly lets get to what this topic is about as my blood begins to boil at the reality of the statement. 397 more words


Churn the wheels

seemed like the first month or so of writing I was turning out a lot of pages but not really going anywhere. With no background in the literary field, I never even had a clue what the average length of a book was, what was the word count etc. 475 more words


A day in the life

As I’ve touched briefly on some aspects of my writing I thought I would spend the next post with what an average day was like. 396 more words


Feb 28, 2015 Starbucks with mom

Today,  my mom and I watched Valentine’s Day at home then went to Starbucks for a drink.   It’s rainy and stormy outside so we thought we could use a hot drink.   17 more words


Introducing: goals

This whole blogging process is very new to me and I want to utilize it as much as possible as a learning opportunity. I want to find my voice and find a flow for what I write about. 187 more words