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My Mother The Queen

I couldn’t be more proud of my tenacious and curious Mother. I was graced with a family of learners and surrounded by smart people who asked questions about the world around us. 404 more words




This is not a good place to be in.  At all.  I’m working from home today (Shane’s home), but I’ve screwed it all up.  He’s right. 317 more words



Today was a smidge of a crazy day: a whirlwind of one on one meetings, projects, larger meetings, and now I’m blogging on a train.  I could use a good shower and some food. 283 more words


What to Do?

Some time ago, my dog’s foods were up, so I need to buy it again. Sadly though, I couldn’t drive a motorcycle or car but I really couldn’t postpone it any longer, otherwise my dogs wouldn’t eat. 302 more words


Just a Journal: To Write

Lately I’ve had the most sudden abandonment of inspiration. Writing is usually a part of my everyday thought, even if I don’t physically write something. Once Finals Week came and passed, writing flew right out of my mind with it–as did most of my normal habits. 310 more words