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Whoa, terrible drawing, yet so cymetrical

Drugs r bad mmkay?

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Linux - Invisible Programs Part 2/2 - Daemonize the Timer

In Part 1/2, we created a timer in a file named “d_prog.c”. The timer made entries into /var/log/syslog.

user@host-$ sudo vim /var/log/syslog 
Mar 15 19:23:18 HOST-PC d_prog: d_prog begin. 478 more words

Daemon Tools Pro Advancded

Do not have a DVD or CD drive connected to your computer but you wished you could enjoy a good DVD movie? There is no need to spend money on a drive when you could emulate these functions with the help of DAEMON Tools Pro Advanced. 107 more words


Thank You Student Who Did Not Show Up

First day back from Spring Break and time to give a 10-minute presentation. Twenty-four or so hours ago I was not coping well. Very odd, as I enjoy giving presentations, but for whatever reason this one had gotten under my skin. 573 more words

Daily Thought

Linux - Invisible Programs Part 1/2 - Construction of a Timer

Ok, lets make stuff! Today, we will begin the construction of a basic, but working, example of a Linux daemon. Daemons are programs that work in the background, invisible, helping or hurting your machine … explaining the reason why they are called daemon’s (“nature spirits”). 749 more words



Creaking doors always gave me the creeps. I guess that when you are a child, strange noises at night are by their nature scary, but as you grow up, you learn that they are just noises, with no evilness. 919 more words


A message to all Humans

You call us by many names, but none of them are true. Some call us Daemons, Vampires and Zombies, others call us werewolves and shape-shifters, but we are none of those. 260 more words