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Let's Talk About Dads

So when I was little and people told me I was just like my dad, I assumed it was because I was the closest thing he had to a boy. 958 more words


Men’s Rights Activists

Today, I found out there is a group of men who fight for “Men’s Rights”. Well of course there are! Have you been living under a rock? 494 more words


Me: "Do my legs look fat?"

Dad: “No. You look pretty normal. They’re not skinny, of course.”



Of Course

I love the phrases Ram picks up. Maybe I say them too much, maybe it is someone else saying them too much, or maybe the kid just likes saying them either way I like it! 174 more words

Riley Curry Is The Real MVP At Post Game Press Conference

Don’t come for Riley Curry unless she sends for you!

Following her father, Stephen Curry’s victorious advancement to the NBA Finals, the precocious two-year-old attended the post game conference with her dad. 198 more words


Always play safe in Thunderdome

The boys’ uncle sent them a trampoline for Christmas. Memorial Day weekend is the perfect time to build outdoor toys. The weather is finally warm enough to play outside; enough months have passed since Christmas to make it seem like a brand new gift; and parents have an extra day to recover from the trauma of assembly. 488 more words


Dad Issues - Part 1(?) - Forgiving my Dad's Anger

remember my dad’s weapon of choice. A thin leather belt.

Sure, I remember his good qualities, too. But those aren’t the ones that cause us to alter our psyche are they? 651 more words