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Now we're at Golf - What next

So my wonderful two boys are football mad … or should I say sports mad.  The eldest cannot cope with wet weather.  Outdoors with a ball or a hurley as much as he can. 388 more words


The Beach Diaries 2015 -- #3 in an Occasional Series

A woman berates her husband in angry Polish, as they watch a family-sized bag of Doritos blow away down the beach.

Days like today are packed with families, like that’s the totally normal way to live, and not to slink down here on your own just to find something to blog about. 1,121 more words

End the Blend

Blended families. That is the new “PC” way to talk about step families. But why do we have to label a family? Why do we have to have a way to differentiate a “regular” family, from a “blended” family. 196 more words

How to Sell on eBay without investing from your pocket?

Remember that time when eBay was only operated by people who were considered smart and highly educated? Time has now changed. eBay has been taken over by not only small and large scale companies but also individuals you want to sell part-time or full-time making profits. 285 more words


"It was the best of times..."

A man who views the world the same at fifty as he did at twenty has wasted thirty years of his life. -Muhammad Ali

It was late 2000. 1,736 more words


Happy Father's Day

This year was Ryan’s first Father’s Day with Aubs “on the outside.” She was about the size of a pea last year at this time!  I knew before I even started dating Ryan that he would be an exceptional father and he has yet to prove me wrong. 382 more words


Guys' Night Out at Avalon (July 8, 2015)

Location:  Avalon
2200 Avalon Boulevard
Alpharetta, GA

Time:  4:00 PM- 7:30 PM

Details:  Work hard, play harder. Gentlemen, we invite you to a night of drinks, food, and “bro-time” as we give you men a break. 248 more words