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Issues That Leak Like Nosebleeds

Every guy is “the one” because daddy was never there to teach you how to pick them. Every girl is a “bitch that’s not to be trusted” because you don’t trust your own mom. 1,104 more words


Forever Babies

My children are my forever babies. No matter how old they get, no matter how our relationship adjusts to age they will always be my babies. 672 more words

Cry for me Babygirl

 Such a strange thing it is that I desire to see tears run from your eyes.  I cause you pain and suffering and it arouses me, my hunger for you stirs. 802 more words


My Labour Story

WARNING: This is my labour story so if your squeamish or just don’t want to read further then do not read past the photo below. Also this is my account of my labour, it is always different for others. 1,668 more words


Keep me safe, Daddy

Keep me safe, Daddy, Keep me safe.

Cuddle me when strange noises disturb my sleep

Or pain invades my body without warning.

Save me from monsters that lurk in the dark. 153 more words


The living may be alone. The soul never is.

“Sarah, please come down at once. You mother has served the dinner.” No response. “Sarah?” I yelled again.

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Dark Lights