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Bel Canto Black

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“I always find digital sound difficult to describe compared to tubes, where the varying topologies have their usually distinctive sound. Not with Black. 10 more words


Bricasti Design Model 1 USB DAC Review

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“At the time I concluded that there was no DAC that sounded “ideal” to me and that no matter what, I would need to design the overall system to address each DACs shortcomings. 25 more words



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“Listening started with the AudioQuest Diamond USB cable. This would turn out to be the best match, but before I reached that conclusion I tried various other cables. 34 more words


Making DACS Dates

Manipulating date strings (which is the data type we usually have in archival description), particularly when you have a lot of legacy data, is a pain. 1,805 more words

Legacy Data

Canary Audio KD-2000 Tube DSD DAC Reviewed

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” I had taken out the 6922 stock tubes and had rolled in a pair of NOS 1957 Mullard tubes. Even before the tube swap, the KD-2000 performed at a very high level. 27 more words