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Payback 2015 to open 6 July

Apply for your share of £4 million in Payback royalties

Has your artwork ever appeared in UK books, magazines or on TV? If so, you’re probably eligible of a share of over £4 million in Payback royalties for the re-use of your published work. 294 more words

Archival Description for Web Archives

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen that the task I set out for myself this week was to devise a way to describe web archives using the tools available to me: … 1,124 more words


Antelope Zodiac Platinum review

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“The soundstage is fairly compact, but it’s precisely layered and stable. The DAC in our Naim NDS/555PS streamer certainly goes wider, having more of a sense of space, but the Zodiac still satisfies.”


Simaudio MOON Nēo 260D CD Transport/DAC Review

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” The Nēo 260D once again reaffirms why MOON gear is so popular among the TONEAudio staff. Most audio companies do one type of equipment well—not so with Simaudio; each of its products is first-rate for its price point.”


Wadia Digimaster 2000 Mk.2 digital processors Review

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” The newest Wadia 2000, driven by the glass fiber-optic interface, is superbly musical and in many ways represents the state of the art of digital playback. 30 more words


Musical Fidelity M3si integrated amplifier & DAC Review

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“Partly because the M3si needed proper a run-in and partly because the distributor was in no hurry to collect the amplifier I continued to use it for longer than normal. 60 more words


TAD DA-1000 £12,000 t review

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“The gains in transparency and resolution are significant, with little of the loss of body, dynamics and drive that usually results when we use a suitably specified DAC in such a role.”