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Making DACS Dates

Manipulating date strings (which is the data type we usually have in archival description), particularly when you have a lot of legacy data, is a pain. 1,805 more words

Legacy Data

Canary Audio KD-2000 Tube DSD DAC Reviewed

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” I had taken out the 6922 stock tubes and had rolled in a pair of NOS 1957 Mullard tubes. Even before the tube swap, the KD-2000 performed at a very high level. 27 more words


Esoteric Grandioso P1 SACD/CD Transport Review

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“The D1’s USB input supports asynchronous data transmission at rates of up to 32/384 PCM, 2.8MHz DSD, and 5.6MHz double DSD. Transmission of 2.8MHz DSD is also supported by the ES-LINK4 and optical inputs. 37 more words


April Music Stello DP200

April Music founder Simon Lee is an enthusiast who loved hi-fi so much that he abandoned a stable job to import esoteric foreign brands into his native South Korea; he then subsequently decided to start making his own designs too. 785 more words


Asus Essence III DAC Review

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“The end result is needlessly bulky to the point of almost being comical. In defense of Asus, even the legendary Bryston had something of a similar issue when they launched their BHA-1 headphone amp with the wrong gender outputs on the front panel. 32 more words


Meridian Explorer 2

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” Explorer 2 includes a powerful decoder and audio renderer for Meridian’s exclusive ‘Master Quality Authenticated’ system. This ensures that MQA-encoded lossless audio files and streams sound exactly like the source. 31 more words