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SALEM'S LOT (1979 United States) Television review

First let me suggest you see the original TV miniseries version if at all possible. The “movie” version(for European theatres) is severely cut. The remaining pieces don’t fit together and leave gaping holes (such as, “what happened to Susan?”) Now you know which dvd to buy, if you were tossing up, lets move on. 471 more words


Dream Big!

In an effort to use time wisely I have begun listening to an audio book on CD during my morning commute.  The book is Manifesting Change: It Couldn’t Be Easier by Mike Dooley, and ironically I received it autographed from Mike Dooley himself in 2010 for a tweet I tagged him in that year.  522 more words

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Theme Parks and Obstacle Courses - a Novel


One of the best things about being in the hospital after crashing his brain was that it reset all his fundamental habits in relation to sleeping and eating. 695 more words

Theme Parks And Obstacle Courses

ANGELS AND DEMONS (2010 USA) Film Review

The sense of urgency is what makes this film flow. Tom Hanks goes on his little spiels but each one has a reason. Scooped up late one evening and jetted off to the Vatican, Robert Langdon again finds himself in danger adjacent to history, religion and ancient lore. 168 more words

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The Da Vinci Code - Realistic Fiction Or Mindless Controversy

Asking questions is a sign of an active mind and an indication of a burning desire to learn more. The curiosity to see what exactly triggers a particular thought or mind frame comes when self-awareness reaches a higher level. 336 more words

Book To Movie Adaptations

Judul Novel Favorite

Dibawah ini shopie sajikan flashfiction dengan tema judul novel favorite, saking singkatnya orang-orang di forum bahasa lain juga menyebutnya cerita mini. 132 more words


Embracing Fear

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This life coaching thing is really started me thinking on how I am as a person and what has been driving me all these years to get me where I am today. 1,881 more words