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Da Undercard Eats: Come to Kombit, leave happy

279 Flatbush Ave


Ah, Brooklyn; so much can be said about this part of the city. Years ago, Brooklyn used to be a place that only the brave would dare visit; now, Brooklyn is the place to be and be seen! 1,199 more words

Da Undercard NYC

Best of NYC: Dollar Slices

Ahh, pizza; what would this city be without it’s thin crust, cheesy slice of pizza? Well, not New York I guess. People come far and wide for the sights, sounds, smells (although not always as pleasant as they may have expected), and tastes; so naturally our famous pizza is what people usually stop to taste and tell their friends about where it is that they come from. 392 more words

Da Undercard NYC

Deezy Says: a bit of shameless marketing

So, for those of you who don’t know, Daundercard.com (while an entity in its own right) is the blog site for the company Da Undercard LLC, which is a professional photography, video, and film company. 250 more words

Da Undercard NYC

Da Undercard Events: Pop up shop 4

It’s that time again! If you weren’t able to make it to the last event, the Pop up Shop is back again! FrantzyFace clothing is back for another round of fashion, fun, and entertainment! 230 more words

Da Undercard NYC

Da Undercard Events: African Food week

Ah food, who doesn’t enjoy a good meal? Especially if there’s no cooking involved on your end right?¬† Well, you’re in luck! This week is African restaurant week (April 27th- May 4th), where¬† you can get a taste of African cuisine all around the city! 365 more words