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How to: Learn on the job

So there will come a point in everyone’s life where one must pretend you’re an expert in something that you’ve barely grasped yourselves. Imagine Miley Cyrus forced to give a last minute lesson on subtlety. 864 more words


Chapter 31: The One

Kellan was starting to feel his age. It wasn’t so much a physical thing as it was some inner something that spoke to him. He surveyed the columns he’d added to the homestead, thinking, “I don’t think I’m going to have time to do all the improvements I wanted to do.” 706 more words

Generation 4

The Accountant - Survived by Tara

WHO:The Accountant

WHAT: Blind-ish date set up by the best bosses ever over at http://www.wrybaby.com

WHEN: Early 2013
WHERE: North Carolina where I lived for a year after having a pre-mid life crisis and was told by a San Francisco taxi driver that my destiny was on the East Coast. 373 more words

To gym or not to gym...

To gym or not to gym…the question is: do you want to be healthy and looking good while doing it? Well, I do! I love running out and about in the sun, but sometimes you just need to be told what to do and work your butt off. 70 more words