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Nicosia: Beyond the Green Line

I handed the customs officer my passport. Mere formality, I was told.  “You can’t go through,” she says in a heavily accented English. I was standing at the pedestrian checkpoint at Lokmacı, Lefkoşa(Northern Nicosia), hoping to cross to the south side of the Cyprus, the Greek side. 850 more words


The Russian-Cypriot Relationship Is All About The EU

Russia has been renewing its ties with the Cypriots and at breakneck pace. This is, overall, pretty stellar for the Cypriots. The Cypriots are a small country that need a stronger ally, especially since they only control half of their own island. 450 more words


A Taste of Empire - Akrotiri and Dhekelia

The Sovereign Base Areas of Akrotiri and Dhekelia, (Greek: Ακρωτήρι και Δεκέλεια, Akrotiri kai Dhekeleia; Turkish: Ağrotur ve Dikelya), are a British Overseas Territory… 305 more words

World Cuisine

John M Koenig - I think the Ambassador is wrong By Dr Christian Heinze

John M Koenig – I think the Ambassador

is wrong By Dr Christian Heinze

John M Koenig – They either choose to improve relations or they will choose the status quo and alienation. 210 more words


Zerohedge: Greece Warns It May Default On IMF Loan Next Week


Now that the Greek tragicomedy of the new government “threatening” to leave the Eurozone if it doesn’t get its way, has been postponed for a few weeks, if not months, we can go back to the biggest story involving Greece, one we first covered in… 678 more words


the cypriot green line

Crossing the border was easier than we thought it would be. No long queues, no stern, intimidating soldiers. We stopped at a small, white kiosk. No window separated us from the guard within. 233 more words