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Hold Time

I love calling big companies. When that automaton on the other end of the line picks up the phone and sends you through list after list of options. 383 more words


another again

Why do people keeep trusting me with their hearts,  don’t they know how this will end? Perhaps they all thought I could be the one, perhaps I even thought it too… once upon a time.

Light Speed for Writers without a Science Background

In my post Questions to Ask When World-Building, I wrote:

If you are writing science fiction, what physical settings or laws are different or exaggerated?   641 more words


We run.

Here I am again, after letting the bad days stack up. After letting my demons toss around in my head, messing me up a little more than usual. 366 more words


fate and its evil workings

When you can see it ending, why even bother trying?
I. dont. know.
All I know right now is that the feeling’s mutual but time is limited. 153 more words

Here I Go

To be thoroughly forthright in asserting my opinions, I believe I am just the right amount of cynical to remove myself from my feelings, and the feelings of others, in order to clinically look at the situations I find myself in the midst of. 230 more words


"Those Ritalin Kids"

Yesterday afternoon there was a party at my son’s daycare. The theme was a farm, and it was super fun, from songs and old McDonald, to milking a cow, and petting a goat. 480 more words

Single Mom