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Because I'm So Cynical

Love, Paramour

Real love takes time
Young love is magic
Old love lasts forever
Tainted love makes drama
Dramatic love sails ships
Hot love burns sheets
Cold love burns bridges
Forbidden love is unseen
Unrequited love kills patience
Self love heals wounds
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Medicate the Masses

First published in ‘A Conscious Void.’

Set to appear in upcoming collection, ‘Of Gods and Gallows,’ scheduled release date April 2015.

My qualifications legitimise…

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I stand
in a fluorescent nightmare
a dying utopia
I am a soldier ready for battle
a clown ready to entertain

I stare into the full-length mirror… 173 more words

Free Verse

Opinions on love at first sight

Love at first sight is utter crap. Does that make me cynical? I think it does. But who cares, it’s true. Who seriously wants to be loved for how their face is perceived in that single second of a glance? 92 more words


When a ‘reality’ TV show creates a controversy with episode 1 then my natural reaction is the possibility of cynical self-promoting media.

And that’s how the X-Factor/Joe Irvine/Natalie Kills/Willy Moon publicity looks – a cynical exploitation of social media and contestants. 422 more words


We don't have to be in Ancient Rome

Welcome to the modern day Coliseum.
where we indulge in hypocrisy;
to the fortress we run to in order to escape from the city in which we play by different rules. 118 more words

Your Three Brothers

Hello my darling . You do not yet know who I am , but I know you . I have known you your entire life and I think the time has come for you to know who I and my brothers are . 620 more words