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Weasel Words Three

Mark John Reckless is a British UK Independence Party politician, who has served as the member of parliament for Rochester and Strood since the 2010 general election. 203 more words




                                                                       to be bored is such a terrible feeling…
when there is simply nothing that seems interesting …worth doing – or being a part of…? 295 more words

Another Article, Another Print Books Are Dead Headline. Part Two: Elf Boobs and Bastard Swords.

(Continued From)

  When you woke up, you were older and more sentient. You knew everything, particularly what you liked. Elf boobs and bastard swords! You had started reading Choose Your Own Adventures and Goosebumps. 464 more words


Capital Punishment

An old sketch of a drive-through.

I was such a cynic.


Another Article, Another Print Books Are Dead Headline. Part One: The Cynic and The Fox.

 Oh fuck me, here we go again, for the umpteenth time. I am sorry for the opening, but there is just no other way around it. 469 more words


Reading Obvious Lines

A couple of days ago I sat on a chair in the middle of Bryant Park facing the fountain. I was reading while killing time before my 3:30 appointment. 509 more words

Living & Writing

Michael Eric Dyson: Goodbye to Freddie Gray and Goodbye to Quietly Accepting Injustice

New York Times — IN the spacious sanctuary of Baltimore’s New Shiloh Baptist Church, at the funeral of Freddie Gray on Monday, the familiar weight of grief descended over me, not just for Mr. 113 more words