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The Three In The Carriage

So today was a very philosophical day for me, no I’m not one of those optimistic people who look at the sky and feel happy(as opposed to Gerard Manley Hopkins), rains and gloomy weather work extremely well for my writers block actually. 292 more words


that little spark

That moment when someone new comes into your life and the second you meet you feel that spark and you immediately fall for each other and everything seem so great… 214 more words


The Cynical Optimist

I am a cynical optimist and I have been this way all of my life. I live entirely inside of my head. I smile at strangers and take sips from my coffee while my head is streaming with thoughts I can’t control. 483 more words

Lenten Reflections Day 4: Cynical

The cynicism and loathing we harbor toward ourselves will always, left unchecked, cause us to discredit the Voice of God.

Imagine a garden, all things ripe and beautiful, ready to be harvested and enjoyed. 270 more words


A little pick-me-up

So lately my life has been sort of hit and miss in terms of happiness.

I am stumbling my way through this phase of not being good enough or not seeing a purpose in anything at all . 478 more words


The Cynical Curse of Age

So yesterday was my 22nd birthday. I completely and wholeheartedly understand that I am young and still have a way to go until I will be considered “old,” but yet I still feel some of the creeping effects of age take hold. 415 more words


Choosing Hope: Airport Edition

He was holding daisies that were tied together with twine. If he had bought them I couldn’t tell because they weren’t covered in grocery store plastic. 663 more words