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Sani2C 2015–Notes for 1st Timers

I replied to a post on theHubSA this morning and realised that the information might be quite handy, so just wanted to blog it out to a wider audience. 277 more words


Crosby Farm Regional Park - St. Paul River Bottoms

Saturday was the nicer of the weekend days, sunny and 45 degrees, perfect for a ride.  I went over to my friend Jesse’s house who recently purchased his first Fat Bike, a Salsa Beargrease Carbon.   259 more words

Day 4: Lak Sao to Thakhek

Distance: 130kms

Total: 578kms

Weather: hot to very hot

Waking up in Lak Sao was like waking up in some dodgy western B-movie. Desolate with gnarly-toothed dogs roaming the streets it was a weird place to be and after a protein/carb mound of omelette stuffed with unspecific meat and rice, we were off once again. 580 more words

Reflective paint makes cyclists visible at night

The Verge reports on work by Volvo to develop reflective paint for bicycles that’s only visible when reflecting car headlights.

Source: The Verge


Japan day 9

Japan day 9
Onomochi-Imabari 83km
Where do I start describing a day whose route would probably feature amongst my top 5 favourites of all time? I’ll cut the superlatives by simply saying: if you ever come to Japan with a bike, make this day’s route a priority. 304 more words


Been there, done that.

It’s hurricane like weather today (not as bad as London 100 – obviously).

Ollie went out to chase some Strava KOM’s and was successful, but I stayed in essay writing (saved by academia…phew!) 341 more words