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Amazed by the Avantidrome - Cambridge, New Zealand

A cycling velodrome wasn’t on the list of “must sees” in New Zealand, but when our friends from Puketurua suggested we take a drive to Cambridge and visit the newly built… 346 more words


Broken Links: Sydney's Cycleway Network

Just a couple of screenshots  that reflect some missing pathways and important corridors in Sydney’s Cycleway network.

Firstly, a map showing both on-road and off-road cycleways excluding motorways… 10 more words

From Me

Noticing and being grateful.

It was fitting that as I flew home on Friday afternoon, our pilot pointed out Belgium’s capital city below our left wing, basking in almost unbroken sunshine as February began to lose its wintry grip. 457 more words


To walk or to bike? Bicycle bridge in Cph

While walking this weekend, I ran across the new built bicycle lane-bridge in Copenhagen. From a top view I think it looks sort of like a snake and once again I have to admit Danes/government/anyone responsible for this architectural attempt. 89 more words


Top 10 Cycle Tours: (#9) Luberon

This post has been a while coming, but then it’s a long ride from the last entry in this list – New Zealand – to the foothills of the French Alps… 517 more words


365 Day Photo Challenge 60/365 "Workout"

This is me about two years ago.  I’ve since gained some of my weight back being that my boss didn’t think I could make in to work in time if I got called in while on a bike ride.   156 more words


Wachau Valley

There are few things I consider better than wine, especially if we’re talking about drinking wine in Europe.

Austria wasn’t a country I thought I would be doing a bicycle wine tour in to be perfectly honest, but when my friend suggested it as a day tour out of Vienna I was immediately on board. 354 more words