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Cycling the Tour de France

Just before setting off I squeezed my tyres, not sure why- I had no pump. They felt a little softer than I’d have liked but ok to ride home. 133 more words

Friday 17.04.15

Had another terrible nights sleep and was up early again this morning, made my packed lunch for work and had coffee before cycling to the farm to feed Skye, had a busy day in work and had a bit of extra work getting things ready for my weekend off and Monday, not really a weekend off Cameron and I are working tomorrow serving coffee from… 56 more words

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A Nice Evening Cycle To Check On Skye

Heather and I where going to drive to the farm after dinner but ding bat Cameron didn’t turn the oven on so when I got home from work I cycled to the farm… 13 more words

Every Day Stuff

How she killed a bumble-bee (fiction)*

It was the morning of the next day, the day she was going to meet him. She woke up unusually early, made coffee and went into the garden. 1,490 more words



Woo – happy start of the weekend everyone! (And sorry if you have to work over the weekend!)

I made it back from cycling from work – legs feeling like jelly and got serious saddle sore. 78 more words



I recently set up a Vine account to put quick little walk cycle animations from the evolution drawings I’ve amassed over the years. You can find it under the nameĀ  Evolution Animation.



Milan Street Style: Cycling chic

Milan might not be famous for its cycle lanes but this doesn’t prevent the streets to be navigated by fearless cyclist. And when we are talking about the Italian fashion capital, it is implied that the relationship between style and cycling has to be a very intimate one. 63 more words