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Cycle art - Democracy

Somehow fitting on the morning after the day <election> day before.

Cycle art spotted on bikeportland.org


Cycle art - You're a Gangsta...a warrior...a....

Oooh…..I’m feeling badder already. 

A range of bright, jaunty cycle art from the excellent Cyclemon project and available to buy here. As for me?……I think I’m a……..<see below>


New cycling word: Fusery


A state or feeling of physical or mental distress or discomfort, balanced out by the weird sense of accomplishment after completing the activity and desire to do it all over again as soon as possible, if not sooner.

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Cycle art - Hackney GT Beastway

“So……you gonna come over and give it a go”

“Well…..YOU come all this way, it’s only fair”

“See you there!”

An exchange between me and the rider handing out these postcards advertising the GT Hackney Beastway at S…

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Cycle art - Graham Watson

Another fantastic print by Michael Valenti, this time turning the tables a bit:

For more than 35 years Graham Watson has been mounted on the back of a motorcycle taking photographs of the world’s most famous bicycle races.

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Can’t beat a bit of Victoriana at Christmas.

Vintage cycle art available from Ali Express.


The secret of going fast

The secret of being fast. As revealed by Evelyn Nurse, aged 7, currently in her second cyclo-cross season.

Dad, I know why Cian is so fast.  

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