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When pigeons wearing large spectacles guard expensive rear wheels

No kidding, you heard it here first; a pigeon wearing a huge pair of spectacles was spotted guarding the rear wheel of a rather expensive road bike at the Cardiff triathlon last weekend. 32 more words


The power of the hour 

Never underestimate the power of a role model.

On Sunday I was sat at a friend’s house watching Wiggins’ successful hour attempt. There were two kids present, Aled aged 8, a keen little rider, member of JIFkids and a mountain biker/trials rider in the making, and Angharad aged 9, a talented karate practioner and very, very occasional cyclist. 162 more words


Cycle art - Road rash

I know exactly how this chap feels……

‘Road rash’ cycle art by Emeroy Allen for Artcrank. See more of Emeroy’s work here: Emory Allen.


Cycle art - Democracy

Somehow fitting on the morning after the day <election> day before.

Cycle art spotted on bikeportland.org


Cycle art - You're a Gangsta...a warrior...a....

Oooh…..I’m feeling badder already. 

A range of bright, jaunty cycle art from the excellent Cyclemon project and available to buy here. As for me?……I think I’m a……..<see below>


New cycling word: Fusery


A state or feeling of physical or mental distress or discomfort, balanced out by the weird sense of accomplishment after completing the activity and desire to do it all over again as soon as possible, if not sooner.

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Cycle art - Hackney GT Beastway

“So……you gonna come over and give it a go”

“Well…..YOU come all this way, it’s only fair”

“See you there!”

An exchange between me and the rider handing out these postcards advertising the GT Hackney Beastway at S…

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